Pregnant mother is obsessed with playing games, and her husband secretly unloads it. The pregnant mother’s expression is bright: pregnancy is too boring

Nowadays, most young women are in a sub-health state because of their heavy work and uncontrolled lifestyle. Therefore, there are many cases in which they are unable to conceive naturally. Even if they are forced to conceive naturally, many uncomfortable symptoms will always break out during pregnancy, which also makes many pregnant women extremely nervous once they are pregnant.

since her best friend Qiqi knew that she was pregnant, she immediately went through the procedure of suspending her salary and staying at home to give birth. There is only one person in the family. She has nothing to do but pick up her mobile phone to brush her microblog and play games. Qiqi, who was very restrained, fell into the whirlpool of the game.

except for the time when her husband is at home, the mobile phone is basically in hand, and the game quickly passes 1300 levels. Knowing that Qiqi is at home every day, her husband is worried, because the electronic radiation of the mobile phone is very large, which may even affect the health of the child in the fetus. Therefore, the husband unloaded the game after his best friend fell asleep.

the next day, after her husband went to work, she even received a video invitation from Qiqi. At first, her husband was scared to death. She cried and asked her husband: where is her game? When I learned that it was her husband who unloaded the car, she was wronged and cried: I’ve hit 1300, how can you do this?

when netizens saw her husband’s screen capture, Qiqi’s expression turned over with laughter. Popper said: reason is a compass, desire is a storm. In the face of desire, few people can control their own behavior, but for pregnant women, playing with mobile phone for a long time still has great side effects.

pregnant women playing with mobile phones for a long time will cause physical fatigue, especially long-term mental stress, which may lead them to mental fatigue, resulting in insomnia and physical fatigue symptoms.

mobile phones have certain radiation. If they are held in hand for a long time, although the pregnant women’s body will not feel too much, the fetus in the abdomen will certainly be stimulated, thus affecting their growth and development.

for pregnant women, it’s really boring to be alone at home, but if you want to spend a long time, you can do a lot of good things for your body and mind. The satisfaction brought by mobile phones can also be obtained through other things.

prenatal education is very wonderful. Even in the mother’s stomach, you can also feel the external environment and parents’ emotions. The soothing prenatal education music can make their nerves relax to the greatest extent, make them feel happy and open-minded, and have benefits that can’t be ignored for children’s character cultivation and physical development.

during pregnancy, mothers can properly read some popular science knowledge about parenting, which can not only avoid fussing with children in the future, but also make their mood more open-minded and secure, which is good for the growth of children.

if pregnant women want to make their bodies stronger and their children’s health is not at risk, they can do some aerobic exercise at home, but in the process of exercise, we must control the intensity, and we must not be forced to do it. We must take the most comfortable and relaxed as the standard.

George Boaz said: leisure is an opportunity for a person to satisfy any desire he may have. For pregnant women, only by keeping an open mind can a good growth environment be created for the fetus. The above three beneficial physical and mental activities can not only make the pregnant woman stronger, but also make the fetus grow faster. Focus