Pregnant mothers often stay up late to play with mobile phones. Don’t “punish” the fetus with your mistakes. The baby can’t stand it

You’ve heard of intelligence quotient, emotional quotient and financial quotient, but have you heard of “sleep quotient”? The National Sleep Foundation of the United States, after testing, found that 83% of people in the United States “sleep quotient” failed.

“staying up late” has become the norm of young people’s life. No matter how busy they are during the day, they will not delay their “night life” at night. However, such staying up late is actually a consumption of our health.

according to the survey, more than 80% of the people aged 18-34 are staying up late, and 61.75% of men stay up late, more than women.

after Mengmeng got pregnant, she still insisted on going to work. Although she was pregnant, because the company was a foreign enterprise, she often had to stay up late at night to send some e-mails.

even if she doesn’t work at night, it’s hard for Mengmeng to “go to bed early and get up early”. After all, she is used to staying up late, so she often plays with her mobile phone after 1 or 2 o’clock in the night.

the husband thinks that this is not appropriate. He persuades Mengmeng to suspend his job for a period of time. However, Mengmeng feels that his workload is not big, and it’s time to have a baby. He doesn’t want to suspend his job and go home.

in this way, Mengmeng works until about two weeks before giving birth. After the baby is born, it is often “day and night”, and the development of the baby is slower than that of the same age.

Mengmeng is very anxious to take her child to see a doctor. After understanding the situation, the doctor said to Baoma, “the baby’s physique is really poor, which may be related to your staying up late during pregnancy.”

sleep time is very important for babies. Most of their development is completed in sleep, especially when the mother is asleep, the baby will sleep better.

when the mother stays up late, although the baby will also sleep, but it will not sleep at ease, long-term lack of sleep, is likely to affect the normal development of the baby.

doctor’s introduction: when pregnant women stay up late, their body will be in a “damaged” state, and even “anaerobic metabolism” in serious cases, and even produce some toxic substances, which seriously affect the development of the fetus.

after the pregnant mother is pregnant, the body will secrete a large amount of growth hormone to help the fetal development, but when the pregnant mother stays up late, these growth hormones cannot be secreted normally, which leads to the fetal development restriction.

the fetus also has the ability of perception in the mother’s stomach. As early as 16 weeks of gestation, the baby can already hear the voice outside, and can feel the change of light at the end of the week.

a study by the University of Pittsburgh found that women often stay up late during pregnancy, which will damage the fetus’s immunity, and the baby’s weight is easy to be lighter at birth.

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