Pregnant women don’t have to worry too much because they may have done these things

At the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s stomach will become larger and larger, and the ability of movement will be greatly restricted. At this time, the pregnant mother may even struggle to walk and stand. < / P > < p > pregnant mothers always have the habit of observing and touching their pregnant belly. Sometimes they will find that the size of their belly will change. It’s really incredible. Is the baby exercising? However, who ever thought that his stomach would suddenly return to its original flat appearance, Xiaoyin began to be puzzled and asked the doctor. It turned out that this was a normal phenomenon. Xiaoyin also had stomach discomfort recently. Doctors said that this is a common problem, so you don’t need to worry too much. You can change your diet gradually. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will find that everyone’s stomach size is different, some of them seem to be bulging, while others are still relaxed and shapeless. < / P > < p > it is generally believed that the longer the pregnancy cycle, the larger the pregnant woman’s abdomen. In fact, this is not necessarily related. With the growth of hormone in the mother, the body shape of pregnant mother will change. < / P > < p > when a pregnant mother sees that her stomach is sometimes large and sometimes small, it may be that her body has changed, and it is not necessarily the size of her stomach. < / P > < p > everyone’s constitution is different, and the degree of nutrition absorption is different. The pregnant mother who was originally too fat will naturally appear larger abdomen and have more amniotic fluid than others. < / P > < p > it’s normal for a pregnant mother to have flatulence or constipation during pregnancy. Early pregnancy due to the influence of hormones in the body, gastrointestinal digestion capacity decreased, sometimes produce flatulence. < / P > < p > everyone’s digestive capacity is different. If the digestive function of pregnant women will be slower, pregnant mothers should plan their own diet structure as early as possible according to their individual constitution. The physique of each pregnant mother is different. Some pregnant mothers have a wider pelvis. When the fetus enters the basin smoothly, the abdomen will also look smaller. < / P > < p > some pregnant mothers have abnormal fetal position, and the pelvis is too narrow, so it may be difficult for the fetus to enter the basin. At this time, the abdomen will have obvious protrusion, which will be larger than that of other pregnant women. < p > < p > the pregnant mother should take the umbilicus as the standard, and use a tape measure to measure around the abdomen. However, it should be noted that the pregnant mother had better keep her body upright and not measure across her clothes. < / P > < p > the growth value of abdominal circumference will be different in different periods of pregnancy. The growth rate is the fastest in the period of 20-24 weeks, which is generally 1.6 cm per week. < / P > < p > pregnant mothers should take the condition of 16 weeks of pregnancy as the standard. Even if the abdominal circumference does not increase according to the normal value, there is no need to doubt too much. After all, everyone’s abdominal circumference will not be the same. < p > < p > during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can judge the development of their babies according to many methods, but according to the size of the pregnant belly, it is not scientific. CUISINE&HEALTH