Pregnant women often have these three behaviors, easy to lead to fetal umbilical cord around the neck, don’t be silly

After a woman is pregnant, almost all her heart is tied to her little life in her stomach, for fear that something might happen to her. Among them, pregnant women are most worried about two things – the fetal position is not correct and the umbilical cord around the neck.

the umbilical cord, as the link of life, transports the nutrients in the mother’s body to the baby, so that he can grow up healthily. It is not too much to say that it is the source of life. However, the umbilical cord may also bring hidden danger to the baby.

you should know that the baby is not unable to move when he is in his mother’s stomach. The amniotic fluid in the womb helps him slow down the impact of the outside world, and also allows him to leave some space to move.

in the process of rolling and moving, it is possible for the umbilical cord to wrap around his neck. Does umbilical cord around neck really sound so terrible? How should fetal umbilical cord encircle neck to do again?

generally speaking, umbilical cord around the neck will not cause any harm to the fetus. Because the umbilical cord itself has a certain degree of ductility, as long as it is not tightly wrapped, it will not affect the transportation of nutrients.

However, if the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck several times and tightly, it will easily lead to fetal hypoxia, growth retardation, dyspnea and even asphyxia.

not all babies experience umbilical cord around the neck. But the following cases of fetal umbilical cord around the neck of the probability will be much higher than the general fetus.

it’s like two people in the same space, but one is smaller and the other is bigger. Then, for the smaller person, his activity space will be relatively large.

the amount of amniotic fluid determines the living space of the fetus. If there is more amniotic fluid in the womb, but the fetus is small, then he has enough space to “play” and it is easier to wrap the umbilical cord around his neck.

some babies are quiet and have less fetal movement. But some babies are very active, fetal movement is also more frequent. He rolled in the womb many times, and the umbilical cord was likely to wrap around his neck, hands and feet.

fetal heart rate monitoring can know whether the baby’s heart rate and breathing are normal. If there is an abnormality, it is likely that the umbilical cord around the neck causes him to breathe not smoothly.

it can be concluded from the above that the main reason for the umbilical cord around the neck is that the fetal movement is too frequent, and the fetal movement of the baby is closely related to some movements of the pregnant mother.

especially for pregnant women in the third trimester, because of physical inconvenience, they will go back and forth to sleep at night. In the process of pregnant mother moving, the fetus in the abdomen will also follow the mother’s sleeping position changes and rotate.

as we all know, the best sleeping position for pregnant women should be left side. Because the third trimester of pregnancy uterine change will compress blood vessels, affect blood circulation. Whether lying flat or lying on the right side, it will press the blood vessels in the abdomen, aggravating the situation.

of course, it doesn’t mean that the pregnant mother has to stay on her left side all night. It’s still tiring and unrealistic. Sometimes when the pregnant mother sleeps too well, she will change her posture unconsciously.

sugar is not as sweet as it sounds. It’s not as friendly to the human body as you think. A can of Coke’s sugar can stop a child’s growth hormone secretion for nearly two hours. Not only that, it can also make people become irritable and have poor self-control.

for pregnant women, the harm is even greater. Excessive intake of sugar is likely to cause gestational diabetes. Moreover, it will make the fetus over excited, frequent and abnormal fetal movements, and eventually cause the umbilical cord around the neck.

in fact, in most cases, the umbilical cord around the neck is not so serious, because many babies play with themselves and untie the umbilical cord. If it’s not particularly serious, the fetus doesn’t need a caesarean section.

in addition, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to their own behavior when they are pregnant. When they are at home, they should pay more attention to the baby’s fetal movement, and go to the hospital immediately if there is any abnormality! Pets