Pregnant women sleep always toss and turn, can cause fetal umbilical cord around the neck? Doctor: the reason is these four points

In fact, after pregnancy, many expectant mothers will have difficulty falling asleep or even insomnia. Turning over and over all night, some expectant mothers may wonder: is the baby shaking back and forth with the mother’s turning movement in the stomach, which is not easy to make the baby sleep well, and then cause dysplasia, or the phenomenon of umbilical cord around the neck? < / P > < p > Baoma a I sleep better in the first and second trimester of pregnancy. After 8 months of pregnancy, I may be too big to sleep at night. Especially just lying in bed, the baby has been moving in the stomach, originally very sleepy, but because the baby moves too much, he can’t sleep. Until the clinical, my baby or umbilical cord around the neck, but did not affect the production. < p > < p > Baoma B: from the beginning of pregnancy, my sleep quality was not good, and I always went back and forth in the evening of late pregnancy, because the doctor told me how to sleep comfortably and how to ensure enough sleep, I didn’t care so much. Wait until 7 months of pregnancy to go to the prenatal examination, found that the baby umbilical cord around the neck two weeks, but the doctor said it is normal, do not worry too much. < p > < p > Baoma C: almost all the third trimester of pregnancy, I kept sleeping on the left side. When I was about to give birth, I might be sleeping on the left side for too long, and the bones there were a little sore. In addition, the baby is also strong, I will inevitably turn over and over, but to the time of birth, my baby did not have umbilical cord around the neck, and the development is very good, weight 3.75 kg, length is also 52 cm. < p > < p > sleeping in the evening of pregnancy always tosses and turns does not affect the development of the fetus and baby. The baby has been living in amniotic fluid in the stomach of the expectant mother, and amniotic fluid can play a buffer protective role for the baby, so that even if the mother to be is always turning over and over, it will not affect the physical development of the baby. Of course, if the mother to be doesn’t sleep well at night, it may affect the baby’s development. This is because the mother to be does not sleep well, life and rest will be disrupted, so that the baby can not get rest, there will be dysplasia, low birth weight and other phenomena. < p > < p > during pregnancy, the mother to be is always tossing and turning at night. In fact, it does not have much to do with whether the fetus and baby will have umbilical cord around the neck. After all, the fetus has always lived in amniotic fluid. Even if the mother to be turns over frequently, the growth environment of the baby is relatively safe. < 1, the phenomenon of amniotic fluid rolling in different stages of pregnancy is not the same. < p > < p > 2. The umbilical cord is too long: the umbilical cord is like a rope, with one end connected to the fetus and the other to the placenta. The length of the normal umbilical cord is about 30 ~ 100 cm. If the umbilical cord is too long, it will easily lead to the fetal umbilical cord around the neck. < p > < p > 3. The fetus is too small: due to the different eating habits, daily life and even personal constitution of every expectant mother, there are great differences in the development of fetus and baby. When the baby is too small, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of umbilical cord around the neck. < / P > < p > 4. Frequent fetal movement: we all know that the fetal baby will move in amniotic fluid, and when the fetal baby activity is too frequent, the umbilical cord is easy to entangle the fetal baby. Of course, when the mother to be turns over, the baby does not necessarily follow. < p > < p > in a word, mothers to be during pregnancy always go to bed in the evening, which will not affect the development of the fetus and baby, nor cause the umbilical cord around the neck. But mothers to be must pay attention to ensure adequate sleep, not too tired, also do not reverse day and night, remember to give birth examination on time, balanced diet. Focus