Pregnant women’s stomachs show the health of the fetus. What kind of pregnant women are you?

last year when her cousin was pregnant, her stomach was bulging. It also caused a burst of tucking up by her aunt. She said &quot, not her mother, might have to make complaints about &quot. Because when aunt was pregnant with her cousin,

knew her condition, she noticed it very much, but her heart was still worried. Especially for a period of time, she suddenly found that she had the symptoms of frequent urination, and had to sleep several times in a night in the toilet. < / P > < p > at that time, her pregnant belly was very big, and it was very difficult to get out of bed and go to the toilet. Her brother-in-law loved her so much that he bought a urinal for her, and her brother-in-law was responsible for carrying and washing it. < / P > < p > this makes my cousin very uneasy. What’s more, the later the pregnancy, the more uncomfortable she will be. At the last check-up, the doctor directly advised her to have a caesarean section in advance, otherwise the fetus and she would be at risk. < / P > < p > the doctor’s words, coupled with her physical feelings, made her cousin dare not be careless, so she accepted caesarean section before the due date. Although the child was a little premature, she was at least healthy. < / P > < p > although it’s a bit superstitious, my cousin is really right by my aunt. Of course, it has nothing to do with whether or not to follow the mother, but with the appearance of the pregnant belly. < / P > < p > because cousin is a typical pregnant woman, pregnant women with this kind of pregnant belly have a high probability of incorrect fetal position, and of course they will suffer more. < / P > < p > the so-called pregnant belly refers to the early pregnancy, pregnant belly upward bulge, this is also the most common kind of pregnant belly, aunt had a cousin, it is pregnant belly. < / P > < p > the upper pregnant belly is due to the higher position of the pregnant mother’s uterus. With the development of the fetus, the pregnant belly will naturally protrude upward. Because the upper belly is close to the top, it is more pregnant and looks like the belly is bigger. It is often mistaken for twins. < / P > < p > corresponding to the upper belly is the lower belly. The reason for the formation of this kind of belly is that the position of the pregnant mother’s uterus is too low. When the fetus grows up, the belly will naturally protrude downward. < / P > < p > because the pregnant belly is facing down and close to the wide crotch, it is not very pregnant. For pregnant mothers with this kind of belly, it is much more convenient to wear clothes during pregnancy. < / P > < p > there is also a kind of pregnant belly between the upper belly and the lower belly, which is called suspended belly. The pregnant mother’s belly protrudes from the middle and is conical. This kind of pregnant belly looks the most obvious. < / P > < p > it should be pointed out that the so-called upper and lower abdomen can only be judged by the middle and early pregnancy. In the later stage, whether in upper or lower pregnancy, the pregnant belly should be convex downward, or even fully convex, because the fetus is big enough to support the mother’s belly into a ball. < / P > < p > in the later stage, the diet of pregnant women will be affected, because the upper abdomen causes too much pressure on the stomach. As long as pregnant women eat a little, they will feel very full, but they are not really full, so they have to eat constantly. < / P > < p > in addition, the upper belly may also cause breathing tension, which should also be noted. In terms of fetus, the fetus with upper abdomen enters the basin the latest, but generally can enter the basin normally, so the health condition is better and the delivery risk is lower. < / P > < p > in contrast, it’s not easy to have a belly. The reason is that the uterus expands downward and oppresses the bladder, which leads to frequent urination of pregnant women. My cousin has to go to the toilet seven or eight times a night, which is the reason. < / P > < p > although the pregnant fetus enters the basin earlier, it is difficult to enter the basin due to the incorrect fetal position, or even unable to enter the basin normally. If this is the case, the risk of delivery is great, and correspondingly, the health of the fetus is also worrying. < / P > < p > not only that, the fetus with suspended belly is extremely difficult to enter the basin, and even has the saying of “ten suspensions and nine dissections”. So is the pregnant mother of suspended belly, must frequently do birth examination, when necessary, have to listen to the doctor’s words do caesarean section. < / P > < p > the pregnant belly is only related to the physical condition of the pregnant mother and the fetal position, weight and other factors, but not related to the gender of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should not superstitiously believe in the idea of having a baby on the top and a baby on the bottom, and they should not give birth to a baby at will for the sake of having a baby or a baby on the bottom. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this