Qingfei “champion” has been announced, not pig blood, but it, open to eat, lung or spotless

If the air we breathe is not clean, then our lungs will be covered with various kinds of dust and harmful substances, which will lead to the decline of lung resistance and the formation of lesions. There are four common factors in life that cause the lungs to become dirty:

no matter which cooking method, cooking fume will produce lampblack, and lampblack is a strong pungent smell. Once inhaled, it will cause lung irritation, and the lung immunity will gradually decrease, and will be covered with a layer of lampblack. In order to fry, stir fry will produce benzene than thin and other carcinogens, leading to lung carcinogenesis.

lung disease occurs mostly in old smokers, and people who smoke all year round can also cause various respiratory diseases. This is because smoking will emit a large number of nicotine and tar and other harmful substances, these substances have a strong irritant, and after years of inhalation will directly cause damage to the lung, damage lung resistance, resulting in lung lesions.

the dust that can be seen everywhere on the road is particularly harmful to our respiratory tract. This is because dust particles directly reach the lung bubbles after inhalation of respiratory tract, which can lead to pulmonary diseases such as emphysema or pneumoconiosis. Please pay attention to keep away from construction site, mud truck, wood factory, stone factory, chemical factory chimney or air conditioner.

haze is a kind of meteorological disasters that occur frequently in autumn and spring. It is mainly composed of a variety of dust particles produced in life, as well as crop burning, soil loss and so on. In haze weather, visibility will be reduced. A gray air contains a lot of dust and smoke, which will directly cause lung injury and cause respiratory disease and lung disease after inhalation.

blowing balloon method: prepare a balloon, and then inflate the balloon with one breath. If you can blow the balloon as big as a plate, then your lung function is still good. If the balloon is the size of a bowl, your lung function is poor.

use licorice, orange and Siraitia grosvenorii. Mint, green fruit and other five kinds of materials to match into tea bag, and then boil into tea soup with tea pot, then drink. It can remove smoke and dust, cough test, nourish and moisten the lung, clean up the garbage toxin in the lung, and make the lung clean quietly.

these materials are all from the recorded orange green fruit tea, which is a classic prescription for clearing lung and resolving phlegm. Tangerine contains tangerine polysaccharide, volatile oil and tangerine, which can clear lung heat, relieve cough and phlegm, regulate qi and eliminate inflammation; mint can eliminate tracheal discomfort, moisten the throat and moisten the lung; blueberry can produce fluid to moisten the throat and eliminate inflammation; Siraitia grosvenorii can clear away heat and fire, clear throat and clear lung; liquorice can remove phlegm, eliminate inflammation, relieve cough and expel lung toxin.

there are many foods in life that can clear away heat and detoxify, nourish yin and moisten lung. Lily with tremella soup, or Sydney with pig lung, pig blood with wolfberry leaves, white radish with pig lung soup.

lung function will gradually deteriorate after being damaged by various kinds of soot and dust. At this time, we should maintain aerobic exercise to improve the lung detoxification function. Morning running, swimming, outdoor fitness and other aerobic activities can be carried out. 08/16/2020