Raise bone and protect bone, be alert to osteoporosis! Doctor: if you take one thing and do two things, your bone will get better

Once people enter the middle-aged and old age, in addition to the decline of viscera function, bone condition also begins to decline significantly. With the decrease of bone mass, osteoporosis is more likely to occur, and one of the most typical complications of osteoporosis is fracture.

uncle Han is 63 years old. Although he is not very old, he has been suffering from mild or severe fracture every year since five years ago. Now uncle Han is afraid to go out even at the door, for fear that he will fall down and break his bones.

although he often suffered from fractures, it turned out that uncle Han was only doing bone grafting in the county hospital. After the bone was connected, it was over. He did not analyze the specific cause. Later, at the children’s strong request, uncle Han came to the local municipal hospital to do a detailed bone mass test, the results show that uncle Han is suffering from osteoporosis. Because of the reduction of bone mass, bone hardness is not enough, so it is often prone to fracture.

if we don’t pay attention to calcium supplement in the process of growing up, it is easy to lead to large weight-bearing in the front of the vertebral body. If the weight-bearing in the front of the vertebral body is large, there may be lumbar deformation. Over time, it will form a hunchback. With the aggravation of osteoporosis symptoms, the curve of hunchback may become larger.

normal people are in good health, so they can breathe smoothly, which is the embodiment of normal cardiopulmonary function. Some elderly people with persistent osteoporosis do not improve, which may affect their respiratory capacity and reduce their respiratory function. It is mainly caused by kyphosis and thoracic deformity. At this time, the vital capacity decreases significantly, and respiratory depression and even failure are prone to occur.

osteoporosis can also lead to more pain in the waist and back. When people are sedentary or defecate hard, the pain is often aggravated, which brings inconvenience to people’s normal work and life.

although daily milk and bone soup are also good calcium supplements, they are not as good as this “one thing”. Because KD can not only supplement calcium to the body, but also supplement a variety of vitamins, in which K and D vitamins can transform calcium in food into bone calcium through layer upon layer absorption and transformation mechanism. KD can also enhance the activity of bone cells, avoid cartilage damage, and better protect bone health.

night is the golden age of bone development. Ensuring adequate sleep time can not only reduce the burden of bone, but also promote the transport and absorption of bone calcium, so as to ensure the condition of bone development, so as to reduce the degenerative reduction of bone mass, and the distance from osteoporosis to itself will be further and further. Therefore, the quality of sleep and the length of rest time are also very important for the repair of the body,

although for patients with osteoporosis, it is not recommended to carry out too strenuous exercise. Especially for the elderly, we should pay more attention to diet, and also pay attention to the choice of sports items. We can choose low-intensity aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging and Taijiquan, which is suitable for the elderly. It is suggested that we should take 30 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week. If we want better results, we can try to add some resistance training appropriately to make our bones healthy To more stimulation, produce subtle “fracture”, of course, this kind of fracture can only be observed under the microscope, and through the body’s own nutrition to make the bone repair. But whether it is patients or healthy people, moderate exercise or should not be ignored, now many people are busy chasing drama or playing games, staying at home, leading to bone condition deterioration again and again. And staying up late irregular work and rest will also cause adverse effects on bones and organs. Daily moderate exercise can enhance the transport function of bone calcium and make bones stronger. CUISINE&HEALTH