Red dates, sweet scented osmanthus and glutinous rice lotus root are good for women’s blood and beauty

It’s the season when golden osmanthus fragrance and autumn lotus root are on the market. People can immediately think of this delicious food of osmanthus and glutinous rice lotus root. Fill lotus root with glutinous rice, and pour it with honey. The fragrance of honey, osmanthus, rice, lotus root, and fragrant is sweet and smooth. Let’s start our daily life with sweet and sweet honey. < / P > < p > Step 4: cut the lotus root one centimeter from one end, and slowly put the soaked glutinous rice into the lotus root hole. When the glutinous rice does not fall into the lotus root hole, use chopsticks to stab the glutinous rice tightly. < p > < p > Step 5, put a small part of lotus root into glutinous rice, fix the head and body of lotus root with toothpick, remove the skin from both ends of lotus root, and then rinse one side with water. < / P > < p > Step 9, a very pink, waxy and sweet red dates, osmanthus and glutinous rice lotus root is ready to eat. The old and children love to eat it, especially to raise people and stomach. It is a good food for women to nourish blood and beauty. < p > < p > 1. When making glutinous rice lotus root, glutinous rice must be used, and rice should not be used as far as possible. 2. When cooking glutinous rice lotus root, it takes about 1.5-2 hours, or it will lead to no fragrance, no glutinous and no taste. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE