Refuse yellow faced woman, dermatologist: 6 kinds of food, if you like to eat, fade wrinkles and spots

Women naturally love beauty, no one does not want beautiful skin, long-term young. However, time is the biggest “enemy” of women. With the passage of time, it will become loose and rough, with spots and wrinkles.

although aging is a natural law that we can’t resist, proper maintenance can delay the arrival of wrinkles and relaxation, and keep the skin as young as possible. In life, it’s not uncommon for people with skin still tight after good maintenance.

if you want to maintain good results, you must know how to maintain your skin. As the saying goes, tonic medicine is better than tonic food. If a woman wants to raise good skin, it is far from enough to rely on external skin care products. Only by paying attention to diet conditioning can we really solve the problem from the root.

lettuce, also known as lettuce, is a very common vegetable in life, and is actually a kind of beauty food. Lettuce is rich in vitamin A, which can protect the skin, promote cell metabolism and regeneration, accelerate wound repair, and help reduce inflammation. In addition, lettuce also contains rich potassium, which can accelerate the water circulation in the body, moisturize the skin and brighten the skin color.

the α – hydroxy acid in pomegranate can slow down the decomposition rate of hyaluronic acid to achieve the effect of moisturizing, thus making the skin more delicate and moist. The two natural antioxidants, pomegranate polyphenols and anthocyanins, have a great effect on neutralizing free radicals, which can promote metabolism and accelerate toxin excretion. At the same time, ellagic acid in pomegranate can also stimulate blood circulation, thus changing the color.

Gleditsia japonica is a new beauty snack in recent years. It contains Saussurea lactone, which can protect the skin surface from ultraviolet radiation, so as to prevent melanin deposition and improve skin pigmentation. In addition, snow lotus polysaccharide, has a good moisturizing effect, but also can moisten the intestines and reduce fat, help to discharge toxins from the body.

peach gum is also a new kind of beauty snack with “immortal spirit”. Peach gum is a resin secreted from the bark of peach or hickory, also known as “peach blossom tears”. Its main components are natural polysaccharides such as galactose and rhamnose. It has the functions of moistening dryness, moistening the lung, promoting blood circulation and replenishing qi. It can make the skin moist, elastic, ruddy and glossy.

cell metabolism can produce free radicals, which is harmful to the skin. Anthocyanins in blueberries are natural antioxidants. Regular consumption can reduce the damage of free radicals to the skin and delay skin aging. At the same time, vitamin C and K in blueberries, which are important for wound healing, can potentially help speed up the healing process.

we all know that collagen is an important material to maintain skin elasticity. Losing collagen in the skin is like letting out air from a balloon, which will lead to relaxation, and wrinkles will naturally follow. The small molecules of collagen peptide and elastin peptide in selenium rich liquid peptide can be directly absorbed by the human body and transported to the skin through blood circulation to play an effective role in helping the skin recover its once plump and tight, and effectively reduce skin wrinkles. PARRENT&CHILDREN