Regular smokers, if you can keep two clean, indicating that the body is not deep poison, really happy for you

Cigarette contains tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, can also lead to vasospasm, blood vessel wall more and more brittle, is likely to occur vascular rupture.

therefore, people who smoke for a long time must protect these two parts, which are clean and conducive to health and longevity. The healthiest way is to quit smoking.

if you smoke a pack of cigarettes every day, normally, your lungs will turn black gradually in about three years, and some people will turn black in one to two years, mainly due to your physical fitness and smoking.

when you find that your face is rusty, your chest is stuffy, your vital capacity is decreased, and your cough and sputum are less, it means that your lungs have been damaged. Please quit smoking and see a doctor in time.

“smoking hurts blood vessels, but it’s hard to repair in ten years”! Tobacco combustion will produce a variety of harmful substances, in addition to smokers’ lung damage, but also into the blood circulation system, damage vascular endothelium.

long term and large-scale smoking will lead to high cholesterol, formation of atherosclerosis, and serious blockage of blood vessels. Long term smoking will also increase hyperlipidemia, blood coagulation tendency, and thrombosis.

people who smoke more than two packs a day, for about 10 years, will also have vascular calcification, reduce the elasticity of blood vessels, prone to vascular bleeding, leading to vascular diseases.

therefore, people who smoke for a long time must keep their blood vessels clean in order to lay a solid foundation for their health and longevity. People with chronic diseases need to quit smoking.

smoking immediately after meals is double harmful to health. Although “a cigarette after a meal is better than a living immortal”, trying to smoke after a meal is more harmful to the body.

on the one hand, the amount of blood circulation increases after meals, and nicotine is quickly absorbed into the blood, which seriously damages the vascular health; on the other hand, smoking after meals will affect the normal digestion and absorption, damage the gastrointestinal function, and cause abdominal pain.

be patient after a meal. Don’t smoke in a hurry, and don’t smoke immediately. It’s better to smoke an hour after a meal to reduce the damage to the body.

many old smokers are used to lighting a cigarette when they go to the toilet. It’s very comfortable to look at their mobile phones, but the harm of smoking to the body will be doubled when they go to the toilet.

after the love between husband and wife, the blood vessels of the whole body dilate and the blood flow speeds up. At this time, it is easier to increase the risk of vascular diseases, and even angina pectoris, dyspnea and other conditions will occur, which will seriously damage health.

when you get up in the morning, you must control yourself and don’t smoke. The correct way is to open the window, take a deep breath and expand your chest. Only in this way can the turbid air in your lungs be discharged and your health be improved.

water is the best detoxification agent and diluent for the body. Drinking more warm water helps to moisten and nourish the lung, keep the lung healthy, and reduce the residue of tar and other harmful substances.

the combination of ingredients such as pangdahai, chrysanthemum, Siraitia grosvenorii, honeysuckle and so on will help to moisten the lung and promote lung detoxification, which is of great benefit to the body.

smoking will consume a lot of vitamins, so we must eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, supplement vitamins needed by human body, and take care of our health.

regular exercise can improve lung function. Every day to do chest expansion exercise, but also help to exercise vital capacity, improve lung health. Long term sedentary will lead to the retention of harmful substances in the body, which is not conducive to health.

aerobic exercise for about 30 minutes every day is more helpful to stretch the cardio pulmonary blood vessels, improve the ability of cardio pulmonary blood oxygen supply, make your pulmonary blood circulation more smooth and discharge pulmonary impurities. Focus