Remember the 67 year old grandmother who gave birth? Children have threatened to sever relations, but the status quo is enviable

With the liberalization of the two child policy, many Bao Ma express that they want to have a second child to play with the eldest, and those who are more willing are the post-80s, the 70s and even the 60s. The age of this group is about 30-50 years old. So, most netizens’ views on giving birth to children at an advanced age are basically opposed to it, and they think it is necessary to have a second child when they are so old Giving birth to a child is not only a neglect of one’s own body, but also an irresponsible act for the future of the child. < / P > < p > but there are still some people who have a persistent desire to have children. For example, the 67 year old mother who was reported to have an unexpected pregnancy has shocked everyone. The 67 year old Baoma was pregnant in an accident. The whole family didn’t think that the 67 year old could still have a baby, but now that the child has arrived, the mother decided to give birth to the child. However, at her age, the family’s children did not agree. In the face of the opposition of the family members, the old couple still want the child very much, because the family relationship is very bad, and their children once threatened to sever the relationship. < / P > < p > the attitude of the couple is also very resolute. They must give birth to the child. Finally, the child is born safely and smoothly. What is the status quo of the family now? Today, the old couple have raised their children white and fat and named them Tianci. They are very cute and fair skinned, and they are a safe fat boy. What’s more surprising to the public is that the daughter, who originally said she wanted to “break off the relationship” with the old couple, is now in a very harmonious relationship with God. < p > < p > the gift of heaven has already attached to this big sister, the two brothers and sisters with the largest age difference, and their relationship is becoming more and more intimate. After seeing the status quo of the family, we finally let go of our original revolving hearts, which made us feel that it is not so terrible to have children at an advanced age. Nowadays, many people will have a prejudice when they talk about giving birth to children at an advanced age. They think that they should not have children when they are old. But in fact, as long as the following issues are considered clearly, even if the mother is older, as long as she is prepared, she still has the right to choose a child. In fact, one of the main reasons why many young people don’t want to have children is that they feel that they can’t support their children properly and have no financial basis. They are afraid that they will not be able to support their children. Today’s society is under great pressure, and children spend money like water. Therefore, before giving birth to children, young people should first consider whether they have the financial ability to bear the relevant expenses of children. However, the family conditions of 67 year old mother are very good, and both of them have a fixed retirement salary. If they are added together to provide for one child, they can still afford it. And both of them have a certain amount of savings, so they still don’t have much pressure to raise a child. < / P > < p > if you say that your family also has savings and pension, you can consider it if you want to have children. After all, this is your personal right. < / P > < p > are already in their 50s and 60s. In fact, when it comes to having children, we should not only consider the feelings of the couple, but also the feelings of the whole family. < / P > < p > some older couples are unable to support their own children after having children, so they leave the burden on their children, who also have their own family and career. Of course, they are not willing to. Therefore, before giving birth to a child, an elderly mother should first discuss with her family members to see what their views on this matter are, and they can’t make a decision on their own, otherwise, at the end of the day, the family may be torn apart. < p > < p > although the 67 year old man mentioned above is older, her body has always been very strong, otherwise she would not have been pregnant accidentally. However, most of the elderly want to get pregnant, and most of them still have to rely on artificial insemination, because women are less likely to get pregnant after they are over 40 years old. Therefore, most of the elderly mothers should also consider their own physical conditions, if their physical conditions allow, then giving birth to children is OK. But if the usual physical fitness is not good, and there are some diseases, then it is not recommended to be an elderly maternal. < / P > < p > the risk of elderly maternal is very high. Once an accident occurs during pregnancy or childbirth, it is not only very dangerous for the maternal itself, but also very difficult to ensure the health of the child. < / P > < p > most girls have the dream of becoming a mother. After having a child, some women have the idea of having a second child when they see the child so cute and sensible. However, it is really necessary to consider all aspects of giving birth to a child, especially when it comes to giving birth to a child at an advanced age. It is still necessary to consider all factors before making a decision. Focus