Remember to do these two things after waking up every day. In less than a month, you can have tender and white skin!

It’s probably the common dream of all girls to have bright and white skin. Because the white and smooth skin can make the whole person look radiant, and also make us look more temperament. But unfortunately, good skin is not everyone has, and because of the heavy academic and work requirements, we often stay up late to work and study, so the skin condition is also in a deteriorating situation, people are very helpless. < / P > < p > many people feel that it’s good to keep their skin from getting worse in such a high pressure life. It’s even more difficult to have beautiful skin. But in fact, we can still recover our skin through various simple methods, especially after staying up late, it is not difficult to recover our skin. As long as we do not forget to do the following two things after waking up, and adhere to the habit, we can have the dream of good skin, but many girls have ignored. < / P > < p > for every girl, it is very important to pay attention to the external image, and the external image mainly comes from our face, so paying attention to our facial maintenance and care is the top priority in our daily life. But in the matter of face washing and skin care, most girls have many misunderstandings. Many girls even have such a view that the oil of our skin can play a role in protecting the skin, so they don’t wash their face and skin care for a long time. < / P > < p > this idea is actually wrong, because improper cleaning and maintenance will cause more damage to the skin. First of all, we need to know that our skin will also breathe, especially in the night of free breathing, the skin will release a lot of toxic substances left on the surface of our skin. So after getting up, the first thing we should do is to do a good job in basic skin care. And clean skin, is the first step of skin care. < / P > < p > if we don’t clean and maintain our skin well, it is equivalent to leaving these toxic substances on the surface of our skin, which will eventually damage our skin, cause pore blockage, and even start to acne. If it goes on like this, black head and other skin garbage will stay in the deep skin for a long time, and it is difficult to recuperate the skin quality. In addition to cleaning, replenishing water is also very important. < / P > < p > because our skin is very fragile in nature and needs a lot of water supplement. Only the skin that often replenishes water can have luster. If we don’t replenish water for a long time, it will cause our skin surface to dry and dull, and the consequences can’t be underestimated. But we can’t start to replenish water and skin care crazily. As we said before, skin is a very fragile organ. Frequent maintenance and care may also damage our skin. < / P > < p > if we don’t choose the skin care products suitable for our skin type, or do the wrong maintenance, our skin quality may become worse and worse. At the same time, the way you wash your face is also very important. Careful tap and massage is the most correct way to wash your face, instead of splashing water on your face, which will also damage our skin quality. So even when we wash our face, we should also pay attention to our own face washing methods. After all, our skin needs careful care. < / P > < p > the second thing we must remember after waking up every day is to drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. This can play the role of conditioning our skin, but also conducive to wake up the intestinal tract, contribute to the body’s metabolism. Here we should pay attention to the point that it is best not to drink cold water when you get up, whether it is winter or summer. These habits are not so difficult to develop. If you want to have good skin, as long as you wake up every day and remember to do basic skin care and drink warm water, you can see the effect after a month. Let’s act quickly! Focus