Remind women: over the age of 45, three kinds of food will accelerate “aging”, try to eat less

Because it is a woman must go through the stage, so there is no way to avoid, but menopause is very important to women, not to spend well will accelerate aging, and even affect other functions of the body. So, let’s follow Xiaobian to understand the taboos of menopause, and help us spend it safely. With hot flashes, mood changes are the most common symptoms of menopause. These may include depression, irritability, anxiety and mood swings, the duration and intensity of which depend largely on a woman’s level of physical activity and overall health. < p > < p > sweets are a kind of food that makes people feel happy, because sugar and carbohydrates in sweets can promote the secretion of adrenaline and dopamine, which can make people excited. However, if you often eat sweets, if you eat too much sugar, it will be stored by the body as energy, which will increase blood sugar and make people more likely to gain weight, which is not conducive to daily health care. During menopause, it is not recommended to drink coffee. Coffee is easy to excite people and aggravate the insomnia problem during menopause. In addition, excessive caffeine can make your teeth yellow, making you look 5 years older from the appearance. < p > < p > ham, sausage, bacon and other over processed foods contain a lot of sulfite preservatives, which can lead to skin inflammation and skin sensitivity. If female friends eat too much processed food, they may become more and more “ugly”. However, pickled foods such as pickles contain a large number of preservatives, colorants and excessive salt. Regular consumption will not only increase the burden on the liver, but also lead to vitamin deficiency in the body, which is prone to ulceration and inflammation, and accelerate the aging of women’s skin. Menopausal women are prone to ischemia and anemia due to previous childbirth and excessive menstrual blood. Therefore, we should pay attention to increase iron containing food, such as: eat more spinach, red dates, longan, lean meat, milk and other food. < p > < p > many menopausal diseases are related to calcium, such as osteoporosis, eating more calcium rich foods, and basking in the sun can also help to absorb calcium. And calcium rich food is also relatively rich, such as: milk, soybean milk, eggs, seafood and so on. < p > < p > especially anthocyanins, mulberry is the king of anthocyanins in nature under the same quality. Anthocyanins are known as “youth factor of life”, and their antioxidant capacity is 20 times of vitamin C and 50 times of vitamin E.

doctors in the past believed that mulberry is the essence of mulberry. It is sweet and cold. It has three channels of heart, liver and kidney. It is nutritious and absorbable. It has a good maintenance function for female friends. It is good to drink mulberry tea and make mulberry gruel at ordinary times. Honeysuckle is a good food for reducing fire and clearing liver, especially for halitosis and constipation. It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, dredging meridians and activating collaterals, antibacterial and antiviral, as well as the effects of beauty, weight loss and rescue. Menopausal women will also face a problem – obesity, which is because the metabolic function of menopause body decreases, which leads to the weakening of food digestion and absorption function. Therefore, the abdomen is particularly prone to obesity. < / P > < p > at ordinary times, you can eat more dietary fiber, which is helpful for the peristalsis of intestines and stomach. It can not only help to discharge excessive fat, but also reduce constipation. The effect will be better when it is combined with fresh vegetables and fruits. < / P > < p > but after menopause, if the organs can not be repaired and detoxified normally, the changes of body hormones will cause problems for a long time. Therefore, it is suggested that women should keep a regular work and rest, enter a deep sleep state before 11:00 p.m., and keep enough sleep. HEALTHY LIFE