Repair the essence, relieve the red and fade the red pox.

Strong sunshine, seasonal changes, improper skin care and aesthetic items may lead to unstable skin condition, which may lead to various skin problems such as dry and reddish skin. Environment, work pressure and other internal and external factors also lead to acne, red pimples. In the face of various skin reddening problems, stabilizing the “muscle” foundation is the key to skin care. Professional science skincare brand Xiu Li can use professional scientific achievements to solve the skin problems, present the essence of dressing, and extract the ingredients from plants to relieve skin redness and fade red pox.

Xiu Li color repair essence focuses on skin redness and red pox printing problems, rich in olive leaves, mulberry root, rosemary, cucumber and other kinds of plant essence, combined with hyaluronic acid, effective correction redness, relieve muscle stability, scientific formula, protect blemish beauty. The extracts from the plants can relieve tension and calm the skin, while dilute red pox. Hyaluronic acid is a natural and effective moisturizing ingredient, which can effectively lock water and moisturize. After cleansing, take 3-5 drops of color to repair the essence, apply the red parts to the palm, evenly apply the remaining products to the face, and massage with

collocation. Focus