Replenish qi and blood, anti-aging! If women have these four performances, it’s time to raise them

Deficiency of Qi and blood needs to be improved in time. Many people think that deficiency of Qi and blood is a small problem, and they have not taken corresponding measures. They are likely to accelerate the aging of the body under the condition of too little nutrients and deficiency of both qi and blood. Once the body has related symptoms, they should supplement qi and blood, and maintain health by meeting the body’s demand for nutrients. < / P > < p > if the energy supply is sufficient and the nutrition can meet the body’s needs, the health problems will be improved. So, what are the special manifestations of women’s deficiency of both qi and blood? < / P > < p > keeping a ruddy face is a manifestation of healthy people. People with deficiency of both qi and blood are in a weak state, and their faces will get worse if they can’t get enough blood and nutrition to the parts they need in time. The obvious feature is that they are pale. < / P > < p > can not keep the skin ruddy, shiny state, give people the feeling of aging. People with such characteristics should be checked in time to understand the severity of insufficient supply of Qi and blood, and improve the condition through the acquisition of nutrients. < / P > < p > deficiency of Qi and blood will accelerate the aging of the body, in addition, the performance of night sleep quality is also more obvious. It’s difficult to fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night, which may be caused by the lack of Qi and blood. Only when the body has sufficient supply of Qi and blood and operates normally, and the brain needs enough blood and oxygen, can it produce sleepiness and enter the sleep state. < / P > < p > many people are prone to insomnia in the case of insufficient brain nutrition and weak Qi and blood, and even accompanied by autonomic nerve dysfunction, decreased memory ability and slow thinking. Special symptoms of the body are related to deficiency of both qi and blood, which should be relieved by timely supplement of nutrients. < / P > < p > frequent cold limbs and inability to keep hands and feet warm are also signals of insufficient Qi and blood. The health of people with deficiency of both qi and blood will be threatened, the nutrition needed by many parts of the body can not be provided in time, the supply of Qi and blood is small, and the energy can not be obtained in time, which will lead to less heat generation. < / P > < p > at this time, the local temperature is easy to decrease, and the obvious characteristic is cold hands and feet, which may still be cold hands and feet in hot summer. This situation implies that the body is lack of Qi and blood, through the correct way of regulation, adequate nutrition to promote health, Qi and blood deficiency will be improved. < / P > < p > deficiency of both qi and blood can lead to premature aging and skin changes, because nutrients cannot be provided in time, skin metabolism is reduced, and circulation is blocked. The obvious feature is that skin wrinkles and color spots become more, which is related to deficiency of both qi and blood. < / P > < p > in the case of less nutrients and no nourishment for the skin, the metabolism speed is slow, and it is easy to find more fine lines on the skin. In addition, after the accumulation of melanin, color spots will also appear, and the signals sent by the body should be improved by supplementing qi and blood. Focus