Research: most infants infected with new coronavirus also have vertical transmission due to environmental exposure

According to a new medical research paper published in Springer nature’s international academic journal, according to the analysis of 176 reported cases of infants, researchers found that the majority of neonatal infections were caused by environmental exposure, and the other 30% of reported cases were caused by vertical infection from mothers. < / P > < p > the author of this paper, Daniel De Luca and colleagues at the University Hospital of Sacre in Paris, France, and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of published cases of neonatal NCV infection, defined as at least one positive nasopharyngeal swab test and / or detection of specific antibodies in the blood. They analyzed 176 cases as of August 30, 2020, and found that 70% of the cases were caused by environmental exposure, 30% may be the result of vertical transmission, about 9% of 176 cases were confirmed to be the result of vertical transmission, and the infection may occur before or during childbirth. 55% of the novel coronavirus pneumonia patients were later diagnosed as

, and their clinical symptoms seemed to be similar to those reported by elderly patients, including respiratory symptoms, fever, gastrointestinal symptoms and neurological symptoms. In addition, when the authors studied the infection occurred at least 72 hours after birth, the authors found that the hospital crib, which was in the same room with the mother in the sample, seemed to have a higher infection rate of new coronavirus. In order to reduce the risk of transmission caused by environmental exposure, appropriate health measures and protective equipment should be provided if the mother and baby are in the same room. The authors also point out that breastfeeding is not associated with NCV infection, and they believe that transmission of the virus through breast milk is rare and further research is needed. Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not