Respiratory doctors remind you: lung cancer attack, not just chest pain cough, not as bronchitis

According to statistics, the number of new cancer cases in China has reached 4 million every year, which is a huge number. Although our living standard has improved, but the number of rich and noble diseases is also increasing. Cancer is not something far away from us. Lung cancer as a member of cancer, it is difficult to be found, often once found out is in the middle and late stage, after a few months or half a year, people will not. < / P > < p > many people may have such a cognition that when cancer attacks, chest pain and cough will occur, but in fact, it also has some other symptoms. Respiratory doctors tell you that these are the characteristics of the arrival of lung cancer, not as bronchitis. < p > < p > first, respiration changes. Our breathing is closely related to the lung. If there is a problem with the lung, the breathing will also change. If the breathing becomes difficult or shortness, it may be the lung problem. If it is lung cancer, the cancerous tissue will increase the pressure on the lung, resulting in airway obstruction and dyspnea. At this time, we might as well go to the hospital to investigate, in case it is really lung cancer? < / P > < p > Second, when you cough, you cough up blood. When lung cancer comes, there will be frequent coughing. If there is blood in the sputum, don’t be careless. Expectoration is normal to us, but cough bleeding is not so simple. It may be a sign of lung cancer. We should go to the hospital immediately for examination and early treatment. < / P > < p > Third, no appetite, nothing to eat. Lung cancer, the body will secrete a hormone, this thing will inhibit your hunger, so that you are not interested in what to eat, what do not want to eat, this continued anorexia state, will make people’s weight quickly down. Fourthly, the body weight decreased significantly. Above we mentioned that when suffering from lung cancer, there will be anorexia, when the weight is significantly reduced. Therefore, when we find that there is a big change in weight, we should pay attention to it. This may be due to cancer, especially some phenomena such as chest pain and cough. The possibility of lung cancer is very high. The fifth is pain. We all know that when lung cancer comes, there will be chest pain. Of course, along with chest pain, lung cancer will also cause pain in other parts, such as shoulder and back. When lung cancer patients exercise violently, they will transfer, sometimes to the head, which will cause a certain headache. < / P > < p > sixth, lung cancer will not only cause pressure on the lung, but also attack the immune system of the human body, causing damage to the nerves. This will lead to general pain, easy to feel fatigue, immunity will continue to decline, many diseases will follow. < / P > < p > these are all situations, which may mean that you have lung cancer. So don’t just pay attention to chest pain and cough, but also pay attention to other manifestations of lung cancer. Don’t miss the best treatment time for lung cancer. < / P > < p > lung cancer is so easy to treat. If you don’t pay attention to it, it will be in the middle and late stages when it is found out. How can we prevent the occurrence of lung cancer? < / P > < p > first of all, do not smoke. Nine out of ten lung cancer patients smoke. In addition, in life, although they do not smoke, they should also avoid smoking second-hand smoke. Secondly, do not often eat some barbecue and other food, family lampblack machine should be often cleaned, if working in a dusty environment, please be sure to wear a mask, do a good job of protection. < / P > < p > generally speaking, if there are some bad changes in the body, we should consult the doctor in time and do a good job of relevant examination. If we really have lung cancer, it is very beneficial to find lung cancer as early as possible for treatment. Focus