Response from county forestry and grass Bureau of Huize County, Yunnan Province

On December 3, a villager in Huize County, Qujing, Yunnan Province reported that wild monkeys were found in erzishan village, Huohong Township, Huize County. At least seven primary school students in the village had been bitten. The most serious cases were sent to the hospital for treatment. In view of this, on December 3, Wang, Secretary of erzishan village branch, told surging news that the county and township attached great importance to this matter. Before that, the local forest police had sent out police to catch monkeys, but they did not catch them. “Once the villagers found out, the forest police came to capture them once, but they have not caught them, and they are still catching them.” Wang said the monkey did scratch and bite several students. On the afternoon of March 3, a staff member of Huize County Forestry and grass Bureau told the surging news that monkeys had bitten passers-by before wild monkeys bit pupils. At that time, the Public Security Bureau of Huize County once organized a forest police brigade to trap monkeys by setting iron cages. However, as monkeys are wild animals, and their occurrence time is irregular, it is difficult to catch them and they are not successfully caught. At present, the relevant departments are still actively organizing and carrying out the capture work. Mr. Liu, a parent of a bitten student, told surging news that his daughter, 9, is in third grade. On October 17, the child was bitten by a wild monkey while playing alone in the back of his hometown’s house. That night, he was sent to Huize County People’s Hospital for treatment. According to a discharge record of Kunming children’s hospital provided by Mr. Liu to surging news, his daughter was diagnosed with facial skin laceration caused by monkey bite, “a 7 cm long” Z-shaped wound “can be seen on the face of the child. < / P > < p > “there is a long scar on the right face of the child, and he is afraid of disfigurement. Now he smears the scar medicine at home every day.” Mr. Liu said that since his children were bitten, there have been children bitten in the village. “Recently, monkeys have run directly to the school to scratch other children.” Mr. Liu said he had reported to the local police but had not responded. Now the local villagers will keep an eye on the children at home, and the school teachers are also guarding outside to prevent the monkey from biting the students again. Home