Rib fracture 7, but the doctor let the patient go home? Why don’t you need surgery

Rib fracture is still very common in life, but compared with some serious violent fractures, such as femoral shaft fracture and humeral fracture. Rib fracture is not so serious. < / P > < p > generally speaking, the most common cause of rib fracture is violent injury. For example, bumps, blows and crush injuries, which can cause rib injuries. < / P > < p > the term flail chest sounds terrible, but it’s also true. It refers to multiple rib fractures. In short, it refers to multiple fractures within a range. At this time, the fracture site is not enough to support the chest, but floats back and forth with the rhythm of breathing. < / P > < p > if the fracture ends pierce the blood vessels and chest wall, blood will flow into the chest, leading to hemothorax. If the broken end of the fracture punctures the lung tissue, it will cause air to enter the chest, causing pneumothorax. And because of chest pain, patients often appear shallow breathing and even cough powerless situation, for a long time will lead to the secretion in the respiratory tract gradually increased, unable to discharge, and finally atelectasis. Of course, the fracture end can also stimulate other important organs and tissues, including the heart and lung, leading to organ damage. It looks very scary, so why did the doctor not recommend surgery to let her go home after seven broken ribs? < / P > < p > although it sounds like ribs, it’s no different from other bones, but it’s also different. Many ribs are cartilage. The self recovery ability of ribs is relatively strong, as long as the alignment is OK, it may grow well. < / P > < p > of course, the most important thing is not to further aggravate the injury. At this time, the main consideration is to fix the chest. Usually, doctors will use some elastic chest belts to help fix the chest. < / P > < p > for many fractures without obvious displacement, no matter one or seven fractures, it is recommended to use analgesia, bed rest and elastic chest band to fix the chest. < / P > < p > but don’t worry, fracture healing and merger can’t be completed in one day or two. These methods can effectively help fracture healing, generally in bed rest after two weeks can consider activities. < / P > < p > 1. Flail chest mentioned above is an abnormal breathing pattern, which needs surgery at this time. 2. If the displacement of the broken end of the fracture is obvious, or it may damage other organs, it must be corrected quickly at this time, not conservative treatment. 3. There are some fractures, although only one rib is broken, because they are too broken, they have become comminuted fractures, or there are some neurovascular injuries. At this time, we must have surgery, not stiff. 4. If there is blood or air in the chest, it indicates that there is damage to blood vessels and lung tissue. Thoracotomy must be carried out at this time. Otherwise, it will affect the respiratory function of patients. 5. Finally, because the healing of rib fracture may affect the local appearance, people with higher appearance requirements can also consider surgery. The above is some of the more common indications of rib fracture surgery, but the specific situation of specific analysis, if there are other necessary surgery is also the need for surgical treatment. < / P > < p > rib fracture is very common in clinical practice, which is not a rare problem, because the rib is really fragile. Some moderate violence can lead to fracture, but there is no need to be afraid of fracture. As long as we actively treat it, the fracture can generally grow well. < / P > < p > rehabilitation treatment should also be considered after fracture, such as practicing deep breathing under the guidance of doctors, training cough expectoration, and some sports activities. < / P > < p > in a word, I hope the patient with seven broken ribs will recover soon. I hope you don’t have any prejudice against rib fracture. Not all fractures must be treated surgically. Focus