“Roommate” after 11-12 days, if women appear in these performances, can be identified as pregnant

However, many times, their preparations are not perfect, especially during the implantation of fertilized eggs, some women may accidentally do something they should not do, which may affect the health of the fertilized eggs, resulting in < / P > < p > therefore, it is suggested that women should consult well before preparing for pregnancy, understand the problems needing attention clearly, and ensure the health of fertilized eggs and embryos. When the eggs fused with the tadpole, the tail disappeared and the head expanded. Tadpoles and eggs form a cell with 46 chromosomes. Among the 46 chromosomes with genetic genes, 23 are from the father and 23 from the mother. Within the cell, chromosomes intertwine and mix with each other. A few hours later, the cell replicated a substance called DNA and split it in two. The construction of life building began at this time. It takes 3-4 days for the fertilized eggs to reach the uterus on the 6th-8th day, that is to say, it takes 11-12 days from the fusion of eggs and tadpoles to the successful implantation of fertilized eggs. < p > < p > a few days before the successful implantation of the fertilized eggs, B-ultrasound examination can not tell. However, the level of hCG in pregnant women’s blood is significantly improved, which can be judged by blood HCG test; as for the early pregnancy test paper, because the test is urine, the HCG value in urine is not very high, and most of the tests are negative or weakly positive. We need to wait a few more days to try again. During this period, as long as the physiological period does not come, we can not rule out the possibility of pregnancy. < / P > < p > What’s more, it’s also very important: Although the fertilized egg is “the beginning of life”, only “successful implantation” means that a woman is pregnant! During the implantation of fertilized eggs, care must be taken to keep away from things that cannot be done or should not be done. In fact, not only fertilized eggs, but also eggs and tadpoles are also very afraid of high temperature. I remember seeing this question before: every time a man discharges hundreds of millions of tadpoles, only one or two of them fuse with the female’s eggs. Where are the rest? The answer is all kinds of death, acid death, fatigue death, heat death, dehydration death < / P > < p > among them, the high body temperature of women creates a high temperature environment for them. Some tadpoles with relatively low quality may be killed by heat. If the temperature is high and the time is too long, those good quality tadpoles will also be affected and damaged by heat, which will affect the quality of fertilized eggs, resulting in unsuccessful implantation or embryo development problems. < / P > < p > these substances will cause certain damage to the fertilized eggs, even before the tadpoles and the eggs combine, they will leave “sequelae”. Even if the implantation is successful, there will be abnormalities, and the late development is easy to be eliminated, or serious deformities will appear. < / P > < p > PS: during pregnancy preparation, husband and wife need to quit smoking and alcohol, stay away from all teratogenic substances, and at the same time, do a good job of pre pregnancy examination to ensure that there is no abnormal health; if you are not careful to catch a cold and get sick, do not use drugs indiscriminately, and you must use them reasonably under the advice of doctors. < / P > < p > during the implantation of fertilized eggs, women’s bodies are relatively fragile. If they do something easy at ordinary times, they may be very tired. If they are overworked, or carry heavy objects, or bump injuries, they will affect the healthy development of embryos. < / P > < p > PS: in the early stage of pregnancy, pregnant women’s body is relatively weak, and embryo development is also unstable. Women must protect themselves, make reasonable arrangements for their own life, and ensure good rest and adequate sleep. Especially those women who are busy with work, stop to have a little rest, and must pay attention to the health of themselves and the fetus in their belly. Generally speaking, pregnant women will not show any obvious performance during the implantation of fertilized eggs. However, it varies from person to person. Some of them may exist, but they are not obvious and are often ignored. Implantation bleeding / spasm: 7-8 days after ovulation, some women may have slight pink or brown stains, some may have spasms. Many women mistakenly think of these manifestations as signs of physiological phase, but in fact, they are caused by the implantation of fertilized eggs in the endometrium. Frequency of urination: after the fertilized egg is implanted, it will begin to secrete the chorionic gonadal hormone, which can increase the urine and make the pregnant women have the performance of frequent urination. Breast distending pain: if a woman’s breast becomes soft and swollen, and has a tingling sensation, she is likely to be pregnant. This is because after the implantation of the fertilized egg, the female body secretes a large number of chorionic gonadal hormones, which will also be affected, leading to breast tenderness, swelling and tingling. Other manifestations: in addition to the above three, some pregnant women will have nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue and drowsiness, or cold feeling. If you wait a few days, you will find that the menstruation that should have come has also stopped. < / P > < p > If a woman in preparation for pregnancy appears these performances 11-12 days after “Tong. Fang”, then congratulations, you can basically determine that she is pregnant! < / P > < p > pregnancy and childbirth is a unique ability given to women by God. Although there may be many difficulties during this period, they are very happy. As long as you are prepared and stay away from many things you shouldn’t do, pregnancy will be very smooth. Hello, everyone. I am an experienced child care expert. I am the original author of multi platform. I share professional knowledge of pregnancy! Welcome to pay attention to me, message consultation or discussion. This article is original, plagiarism must be investigated! PARRENT&CHILDREN