Running 45 minutes a day is better than 2 minutes a week? BBC unveils the truth of exercise

The documentary says that those who work out in the gym for an hour or two are simply thankless. As long as they master the correct method and only need 2 minutes a week, they can achieve very good fitness results. The documentary observed six people and participated in a five week exercise program. Before exercising, aerobic adaptation training was carried out. The better the adaptability, the better the physical strength of the crowd.

。 Experts explained that this is mainly because HIIT can stimulate deep muscles, which are hidden around the body’s bones and play the role of coordinating the body, supporting bones and joints. This is a muscle that is difficult to exercise in ordinary exercise, but HIIT can exercise them.

after 40 minutes of ordinary aerobic exercise, the muscles of the body will also decompose, burning fat at the same time, it will also cause muscle loss, the body’s metabolic level will drop, and it is easy to rebound after losing weight. While HIIT training can avoid muscle loss, the body in the consumption of fat at the same time, effectively retain the muscle.

after HIIT training, a large amount of oxygen supply is needed, and the metabolic rate after training is also improved. And the effect of metabolic improvement can last for 28 hours, which helps to increase muscle density. Muscle consumes more calories than fat, which further improves metabolism.

HIIT training is not recommended for people who have insufficient sleep, physiological discomfort, colds or cardiovascular diseases. HIIT training requires a lot of physical strength, which is obviously not suitable for these people.

also has to warm up before exercising, let the body enter the state and start again, otherwise it will probably be injured during the training process. The end of the exercise must be stretched, preferably with the help of foam shaft and other tools to help better relax the muscles.

this is a set of three functions: relaxing body, fitness shaping and auxiliary exercise. It is suitable for the whole body. Even if there is no strenuous exercise, it is no problem to relax and massage at ordinary times.

just like other sports, HIIT must be carried out step by step. When you start to exercise, you can choose some with less difficulty, and gradually increase the exercise intensity with the increase of physical fitness.

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