Russian women can enjoy three years of maternity leave and get about 39000 yuan allowance for multiple births

November 29 is mother’s day in Russia. In order to increase the birth rate, the Russian government has made great efforts to improve mother’s welfare and set up mother’s day in 1998 to improve the social status of mothers, according to the Russian TASS daily 29. < / P > < p > in Russia, working women on maternity leave can receive considerable maternity allowance. At present, the Russian women’s allowance for one child is as high as 340000 rubles, and for multiple births, the allowance per child is close to 450000 rubles. In addition, compared with other countries, Russian women have the longest paid maternity leave, which is three years. Moreover, the Russian Duma also proposed to extend it to 4.5 years. In Russia, a year and a half before women take maternity leave, the state will also pay living expenses to their children, which is 40% of Russia’s average wage in the past two years. In addition, Russian women also enjoy the treatment of “mother capital”. According to the Russian government, women with one child can receive nearly 470000 rubles in their “mother’s capital” account, which can be used to improve housing conditions and educate their children; if they have two children, they can get the funds monthly; if they have a third child, the state will reduce the mortgage loan of 450000 rubles for the family. 08/16/2020