Say natural labor aches, after all how painful? After watching the whole process of childbirth simulation map, you can understand it all!

Although there are many post-90s women who want to have a caesarean section, compared with the proportion of natural births, there are still more natural births. In many ways, it’s because of the love of a new mother. Although she hasn’t met her baby yet, the baby stays in her mother’s womb and interacts with her mother. Only the pregnant mother can understand the feeling of mutual affection. Only a mother can understand the happiness brought by that subtle feeling. Because of this kind of love, many women are willing to try natural childbirth when their own conditions are met, even if natural childbirth is painful. So how painful is natural labor? Many people who have not experienced it have no concept at all. Let’s take a look at the simulation diagram of the whole process of childbirth, and we will all understand.

natural labor is mainly divided into three stages of labor, the first stage of labor is divided into latent period and active period. Incubation period refers to the period from regular uterine contraction to 3 cm opening of uterine orifice, which is called incubation period; from opening of uterine orifice to 10 cm opening is called active period, which belongs to the first stage of labor. The first stage of labor takes about 6 to 12 hours, and some puerperas may need longer time. This stage is the most painful. With uterine contraction, opening of uterine orifice to 10 cm or so, the pain is normal and unbearable Yes, but the puerpera can bear it, but how great is maternal love;

the second stage of labor, the second stage of labor is the process from the opening of the uterine orifice 10 cm to the delivery of the fetus, which takes about 1 to 2 hours. This process belongs to the second stage of labor; after the opening of the uterine orifice, the puerpera need to cooperate with the doctor, and the fetus can be delivered smoothly. This stage is also the most stressful and the most exhausting stage for the puerpera It is also a critical period for the safety of mother and child. At this time, there may be a tear of the perineum or the need for lateral incision. It’s painful to think about this scene.

the third stage of labor. The third stage of labor refers to the process from the delivery of the fetus to the delivery of the fetal placenta, usually about 30 minutes, mainly the delivery of the fetus. This process belongs to the third stage of labor. The delivery stage of placenta is very important. No matter how tired the puerpera is, we must insist on it. Now I often hear Youbao’s mother say that the reason why her lochia has not been clean is because there is a residual placenta. If it can’t be completely ruled out, it will leave hidden danger to the body. In some cases, she will peel the placenta by hand. That kind of pain is really heartbreaking.

when waiting outside the obstetrics department, we often hear some lying in women yelling. This is a release, because it’s really painful. Someone once said that when the uterine contraction is opened to 10 cm, it’s like breaking 10 ribs. At ordinary times, everyone has been injured, so it can be compared. It’s not easy to be a puerpera, and it’s even harder to be a mother. But once you are called a mother, the greatness of maternal love is just the output of such emotion. Only when you are a mother can you understand it. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so