School response to “overflowing garbage can” of nutritious food in a rural primary school in Fuyang, Anhui Province

A rural primary school student in Fuyang, Anhui Province, dumped the nutritious food into the garbage can because of the bad taste. Some parents thought it was a waste to dump the nutritious food. In response, the school said that the taste of the public is difficult to adjust, and the school will strengthen publicity and education. On September 25, Mr. Wang of Yingdong District, Fuyang, Anhui Province, reported to the surging news that the nutritious food of yanglouzi Central Primary School in Yingdong District of Fuyang City tasted bad and the children didn’t like to eat it, so they poured all the nutritious food into the garbage can. The picture provided by Mr. Wang to the surging news shows that several children in the shape of primary school students are pouring noodles from their plates into plastic buckets, and the noodles in one of the two bins has overflowed. Mr. Wang said, “this noodle, without any oil, is very dry by mixing it with vegetables.” Mr. Wang said that because the food was bad, many students would dump the remaining food, which he thought was a waste. In response to Mr. Wang’s reflection, on the 27th, principal Wu of yanglouzi Central Primary School said that it was true that the noodles in the picture were dumped into plastic buckets by students. < p > < p > president Wu said that the noodles in the picture are marinated noodles. Students do not like to eat noodles and pour the remaining noodles into the bucket. Due to the small volume of the plastic bucket, the noodles overflow. President Wu said that this situation would not occur when schools provide other kinds of nutritious meals. As for the problem of poor taste of students’ nutritious meals, President Wu said that “it’s difficult to adjust to the taste of students’ nutritious meals”, and said that the school would improve the taste of nutritious meals. What is the taste of nutritious food? Mr. Wu said, “I think the taste is OK.”. Is this a waste of food? President Wu responded that he would strengthen publicity and education for students. Mr. Li, another person in charge of yanglouzi central school, said that the nutritious meal was prepared by a fast food company named “Kuaidao kitchen” in Fuyang, which was uniformly provided to schools in Yingdong district. “It may take a long time to deliver, which may lead to some differences in taste.” Mr. Li said. On September 15, the official website of the Ministry of Education issued a notice. The circular pointed out that it is necessary to further promote the CD-ROM action on campus, and adopt various ways to encourage teachers and students to finish eating the purchased food without leaving leftovers, so as to quickly reverse the unhealthy atmosphere of school catering waste. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore