Seasoning accelerates cholesterol rise? Do not want blood vessel blockage, kitchen these 4 kinds of seasonings should be strictly controlled

Hyperlipidemia, all diseases. Once the blood lipid rises, it is very harmful to human health, because blood viscosity, thrombosis, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction and other diseases will follow.

today’s big fish and meat, as well as the daily intake of greasy food, coupled with the lack of exercise of many people, will lead to high blood lipid. And some seasonings in the kitchen eat too much will also lead to dyslipidemia.

people with elevated cholesterol, that is, the blood viscosity has increased, and the blood flow rate will slow down. If you can’t adjust in time at this time, it will lead to more and more garbage accumulation in the blood vessels, and eventually form plaque.

because the components of salt are sodium chloride, it will stimulate blood vessels after entering the human body, resulting in water and sodium retention in blood vessels, as well as swelling of vascular smooth muscle cells. At this time, the pressure of the official cavity will increase, and the blood volume in the blood vessels will rise, which will lead to the rise of blood pressure and induce cerebral infarction.

in order to improve the taste of dishes, many people prefer sugar. There are many people who like to eat sweets. It doesn’t matter if they eat once in a while, that is, people with elevated blood fat. If sugar is not controlled at this time, it is very easy to cause the risk of vascular blockage.

Moreover, the caloric content of sugar is very high, and excessive intake will turn into fat in the body. If people with high cholesterol consume too much sweets and sugars, they will easily form plaque in blood vessels, leading to thrombosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

many people like to eat fried food in their daily diet. Such food contains a lot of fat. If the cholesterol level has been increased, eating fried food often or putting too much oil in fried vegetables will increase blood viscosity, cause higher blood lipid level, accelerate the formation of plaque, and finally cause blood vessel blockage.

many people are not happy without spicy food. A bottle of chili sauce is often prepared in the kitchen. But chili sauce is not only hot pepper, but also many additives, salt, cooking oil and so on, so that the original few calories of pepper increased more than ten times.

if you eat this chili sauce for a long time, it will stimulate the blood vessels and increase the fatty substances in the blood vessels. In this way, the lipid substances in the blood will pile up more and more, resulting in higher blood lipid levels and accelerating the risk of vascular blockage.

in order to avoid the rise of blood lipid, we should also pay attention to adjust our own diet structure. The amount of seasoning in the above kitchen must be controlled, and don’t be greedy. Daily diet mainly added coarse grains intake and fresh fruits and vegetables.

and exercise can consume body fat, so regular exercise can also accelerate blood flow, improve the body’s metabolism, and prevent the occurrence of vascular blockage. As long as the blood vessels are unobstructed, we can live a long life. Focus