Secret: is facial mousse really better?

The word mousse comes from Latin “mulsa”, meaning smooth foam. For example, mousse cake, which everyone likes, is fine, smooth and entrance love. There are mousse products in hairstyle products called hairdressing mousse, which is foam styling agent.

from the above examples, we can see that the core feature of mousse products is froth, and so is cleansing mousse. It can instantly produce delicate bubbles through the special design of formula and bottle.

cleansing cream is the most important ingredient of the surface active agent, the ordinary cleansing cream is mainly used as a soap or sulfate ester, the appearance is emulsion or paste, to rub or use bubble network to play the bubble.

in contrast, the surfactant used for facial cleansing mousse is acyl amino acid salt, which is easy to dissolve in water, so the contents in the mousse bottle are water like liquid. Instead of creamy pearlite like facial cleanser.

if you want to make a dense bubble, you need a special mousse bottle. When extrusion, the liquid rises, through a fine porous pump head, air mixed into the liquid, volume expansion, and then constantly out of the bubble. This foam is generally large and uneven in size.

in order to obtain uniform and delicate foam, it is necessary to add auxiliary foaming agent or propellant. Before using it properly, it can make the foam very fine, dense and stable by proper shake.

from the above analysis, it can be seen that the essence of cleansing mousse and facial cleanser is the same, both are cleaning products, but the texture is different. Cleansing cream is paste, and cleanser can directly squeeze out foam, so mousse is more convenient to use and faster to consume. At the same time, the cost of cleansing mousse is 3-5 times higher than that of ordinary facial cleanser, so the cost performance ratio of cleansing mousse is not as high as that of facial cleanser.

as consumers, what we care about is the function and safety of products. Some people say that cleansing mousse is more powerful than facial cleanser and has less skin irritation. Is that really the case?

in terms of cleaning power, acyl amino acid salts are used as surfactants for cleansing mousse, which is slightly inferior to soap and sulfate salts, but it is also sufficient for the daily needs of various skin types. The biggest advantage of acyl amino acid salts is that they are relatively safe, do not irritate the skin and do not cause excessive cleaning.

in other words, if you don’t know what kind of cleansing products to choose, a good cleanser or amino acid cleansing foam is a safe choice.

how to judge the quality of facial cleanser? In addition to the actual experience of whether the bubbles are delicate and rich, another way is to watch the composition table. The core component of cleanser mousse is acyl amino acid salt. There are three key words of this kind of composition: acyl and amino acid respectively. When you see these three words on the composition list, such as potassium cocooylglycine, sodium lauroylglutinate and palmitoyl alanine tea salt, it means that amino acid surfactants have been added. If it can be ranked in the top three places of the composition list, then this product is clean The quality of facial mousse is certainly not bad.

some facial cleaning mousse will add propellants such as propane and butane, which is equivalent to a small pressure vessel. When using it, it must be kept away from the fire source. Usually stored in a cool place, not in the heater, stove or television and other hot objects near. The bottle should not be smashed or collided with hard objects. HEALTHY LIFE