See “plain lipstick” star, the original ugly is not mouth red, this vulgar feeling invincible

So in order to save their haggard appearance, many girls will choose to apply a lipstick to school the next day, but they don’t know why they don’t look much better

let’s take a look at Guan Xiaotong. Now she is in a state of plain face, and there is no makeup on her face. But at this time, she has applied lipstick, in fact, on the whole is very strange.

and Qi Wei. In her daily videos, she was plain face. Maybe in order to make their overall look better, so put on lipstick, but the effect is not very good.

actually you can choose a lipstick. At the same time, using lipstick in this season can make your mouth look more moist. Let’s look at a few examples. For example, Gao Yuanyuan’s plain face photo with lipstick is very pure.

if you add a very positive color, the red lipstick will make her look a lot older, and the whole person has no natural fresh temperament, but is very vulgar.

and Tang Yan. During her pregnancy, she published her daily life on micro-blog. From the pictures, she could see that she did not smear lipstick, but lipstick. So it seems that even a quasi mother, but still full of youthful temperament.

therefore, it is very important to have lipstick. At the same time, even if it is makeup, it also needs a lipstick to make the bottoming, so that the mouth can show a natural and moist feeling.

so, protect your mouth! Start with a lipstick! Today, the good things we introduce to you are actually recommended by many stars and bloggers — Mentholatum peppermint moisturizing lipstick! Smear on the lips, there is a faint mint, it is very good smell.

although lipstick is the product that most girls will buy in the autumn, but because they do not choose too much, they often cause pungent smell on the product. This Mentholatum peppermint Moisturizing Lip Balm is very cool in taste, and allows you to feel a refreshing feeling when applying products.

at the same time, peppermint is a very classic flavor, which can feel a refreshing effect when smeared on the mouth, and it is more popular. Today’s girls in autumn, often and friends into the hot pot shop to have a meal, in the long run will make the mouth appear dry, peeling phenomenon.

this phenomenon is commonly known as “inflamed”, which is mainly due to the excessive intake of high calorie food, so it is also reflected in the lips. If you want to improve, this very cool peppermint flavor lipstick can help you. At the same time, its paste will not make your mouth feel heavy when it is smeared.

in autumn, skin care is mainly nourishing, in fact, it’s the same with lips. If you want to have a mouthpiece of water, you need to use a Mentholatum peppermint moisturizing lipstick which can improve the drying and repairing skin phenomenon. Its main effect is nourishment and repair, long term use, and can maintain water to moisten lips.

the ingredients are very natural and gentle, so you don’t have to worry about the stimulation when you smear them on your mouth. Because most of the materials are extracted from plants, it is very refreshing after “mouth”.

, if it is a girl who has a dry mouth condition, she can smear Mentholatum peppermint moisturizing lipstick on her mouth when she sleeps every day. It can also protect her lips.

although you girls like to buy lipstick, if you are a girl with lip lines, it will not only improve the face value, but also make the whole person look “strange”. The main reason is that lip lines will cause the mouth to look “wrinkled”, which has a certain aging effect.

want to improve the lip wrinkle and dry crack, choose Mentholatum peppermint moisturizing lipstick. The effect is very good, a lot of small partners after use, have given a very satisfactory response.

the main component is lanolin, which is a kind of material that plays a major role in the repair effect. It can effectively repair the dry and cracked parts of the mouth completely. At the same time, a lot of mild ingredients are added, such as menthol, European red pine leaf oil and so on.

Mentholatum brand has been established in 1889, in the lip gloss market, it is in a leading position, so choose Mentholatum peppermint lipstick must be no mistake!

Mentholatum peppermint moisturizing lipstick also has double repair. The day spreads the Peppermint Lip Balm, which is soothing, dry and cracked, and the lanolin can nourish the lips well. Use Mint Lip Gel at night to protect your lips more deeply.

so I want to have a little partner with a watery mouth! Let’s choose Mentholatum peppermint moisturizing lipstick. Now is the activity time, order can also receive hand cream Oh! There are a lot of concessions, quick action! 08/17/2020