Shanghai early education institutions “semi Analects” suddenly shut down, in September is still promoting sales classes

The surging news reporters came to the training site of the semi Analects in Pudong natural space and found that the door was closed. A notice posted at the gate said that the half Analects had been established for seven years. This time, affected by the epidemic, the operation was greatly impacted, and all campuses stopped offline operation of physical stores from October 10. In this regard, hundreds of injured parents formed a “half space + Zhangjiang discussion group” to protect their rights. As of October 14, a total of 383 people had registered in the “summary of the amount of money for safeguarding rights and interests” filled out by parents spontaneously, involving an amount of more than 4 million yuan.

part of the Analects is that WeChat reporters in the WeChat official account of the half story said that the agency is still promoting sales to attract parents to buy classes and has passed the transfer proof of parents’ payment. Many parents also reported that they had just signed up and paid about 10000 tuition fees, but they had not attended a class so far. At the end of last year, Minhang campus changed its campus address frequently; in September this year, its Zhangjiang Huizhi store was closed, and students transferred to other campuses; in October this year, it was completely closed. On October 13, Chen Zhimin, the director of the semianalects, told the surging news reporter that due to the epidemic situation and major decision-making mistakes, the capital chain was broken. At present, the company went bankrupt and had no funds to refund. How to deal with the remaining courses? Chen Zhimin’s plan is: transfer to other training institutions to complete the remaining courses.

on part of the Analects of WeChat, the official account also released the “student remaining time conversion plan”. According to the program, offline teaching in Xinzhuang, Xuhui, tianwu, Huizhi and Sanlin campuses has been stopped, and other institutions have been found to arrange students to continue their classes. In the course change program, green light education, Qin Han Hutong, ziyue academy, KaiDun, Zhihui school and other training institutions are listed. < / P > < p > “because the institutions provided are too far away to go.” Ms. Wu said that according to the announcements issued by the receiving institutions, some institutions provide public welfare courses and informal courses, with the purpose of attracting students. On October 14, the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Minhang District, Shanghai, replied to the surging news reporters. Recently, the Bureau of market supervision received 118 complaints, which concentrated on the sudden suspension of business of training institutions. More than 50 complaints have been successfully solved. In addition, Chen Zhimin, the legal representative of banlun, has been interviewed and asked the enterprise to provide solutions. In September 2020, Ms. Chen complained to the surging news reporters that the franchise store of Shanghai tomato field art Caobao campus was closed. Before, she had paid the course fee for three years to the store in one time, and there were at least two years left. When Ms. Chen found the “tomato field” franchise store in front of her home to ask for information, she found that she had already been deserted. However, not all parents can get the tuition back. Reporter investigation found that due to poor management, training institutions suddenly closed things are not uncommon. This kind of training institutions are mainly in the form of selling courses. Parents need to pay higher tuition fees at one time. If there are business problems in enterprises, some organizations will be “empty”, and the responsible person will even “run away”. It will be difficult to refund fees. Parents will suffer a lot, and many people will still struggle for refund. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!