She is 161 cm tall and weighs 110 Jin. However, she has developed an hourglass figure admired by countless people

When it comes to hourglass figure, big girl and perfect waist hip ratio, we may all think of it. One of the most typical is the American celebrity Kim Kardashian. Her exaggerated “hourglass” figure and perfect waist hip ratio make everyone surprised every time. Some people say that she is a fake buttock and so on. But as for the true and false, I still think that there are at least others, right. < / P > < p > she herself likes to wear tight clothes to show her figure. A while ago, she wore a cream white one-piece suit, and her latest shape was searched again. In order to promote the new color makeup, she shot a sexy movie. < / P > < p > many people have always believed that women with perfect waist and hip curve are the most attractive. This figure is popular in Europe and America, and is not common in China or even Asia. However, today’s Xiaobian wants to give you Amway’s post-90s fitness beauty. She has a rare hourglass figure. She is 1.62 meters tall and weighs 110 Jin. According to her figure proportion, she belongs to the slightly fat type, but judging from the photos, she doesn’t feel that she has any fat! < / P > < p > she likes her slim waist and wide crotch. Therefore, her body belongs to bee waist and fat buttocks, and her upper circumference is plump. Although her crotch is not as wide as that of Kim kardashan, her “hourglass” figure is more harmonious and more in line with Asian aesthetics. < p > < p > her favorite is running + yoga, plus some stretching exercises for coordination and flexibility. In the long-term adherence to fitness exercise, with today’s good figure! < / P > < p > OK, what I want to share with you today is a group of stretching exercises after our fitness exercise, which can be applied before or after fitness. < / P > < p > first of all, the adductor stretch in the sitting position requires less posture control than the support position, so it can last longer. From the sitting position, straighten the legs, place them in front of you, and then open them to both sides. Keep the trunk upright, adjust the breath, and then slowly lower the trunk. Pay attention to keep the neutral position at all times. Do not bow back or collapse the waist. If you can’t keep your trunk straight when your legs are straight, you can either bend your knees on one side or both sides, or put a cushion under your legs. < / P > < p > this action requires us to slide our hands forward and push our buttocks back. Key points: kneel, legs apart, buttocks sitting on the heel, body forward, trying to touch the ground with the forehead, feel the stretch of the back can be < / P > < p > this action requires us, feet wide over the shoulders, stand straight. Bend down, grab your toes with your hands, and then squat down, but keep your arms straight, elbows on the inside of your knees, your back straight, your chest straight. Keep your hands on your toes and keep your hips straight. Keep your knees straight until you feel the pull of your back and feet. Stay for 1-2 seconds. < / P > < p > this action requires us to lie on our back on the yoga mat, hold our left leg knee with both hands, obliquely press against the opposite shoulder, relax the right leg, and keep breathing evenly. Don’t hold your breath. The action feeling is that there is obvious pulling feeling on the left hip, and then we repeat this action with the right leg. < / P > < p > this action requires us to lie on our back, bend our knees and lift our left leg, hook up the left foot, stretch the right leg on the ground, bend and straighten the knee of the left leg, and repeat it. We can feel the stretching feeling of the left thigh, natural breathing, movement feeling, and strong pulling feeling at the back of the left thigh. Then put on our right leg and repeat. < / P > < p > in fact, sometimes we don’t have to be thin for beauty. Sometimes we are a little fat. As long as we have a curve, we are more charming than those so-called spareribs. What do you think? Well, today’s small make-up to share here to end it, I hope the above sharing to help you oh. Focus