She lost 15 Jin of weight and 6% of body fat. She shows her selfie every day

Today, I’m talking about an ordinary fat girl who has experienced the weight loss process experienced by all people, from only focusing on weight, exhausting all kinds of extreme methods, weight over and over again, to finally understand how to lose weight, successfully and healthily.

it took only two months to maintain a healthy and correct lifestyle and achieve their goal, not only to lose weight, but also to lose fat.

the protagonist is Kelly. She used to focus on an ideal number, hoping to see it appear on the scale, but now it’s different. She learned that body fat is the most important thing to lose weight, not measured by a scale. She has a scale that measures body fat, muscle percentage and weight.

first of all, it’s the determination to lose weight. When Kelly’s family went on holiday, she put on a pair of jeans for dinner one night. But only a few months later, her trousers almost couldn’t be buttoned up, which almost suffocated her. When she sat down in the restaurant, all the meat on her belly jumped out, which made her feel very sad. At that moment, Kelly realized that something needed to change quickly, to start eating right again and exercising regularly.

since she made up her mind, she has successfully lost 13 kg and 3.5% of body fat in two months. Kelly said that she had never been so satisfied with her appearance. In the next two months, she focused on shaping and reducing fat. Although she lost only 2 kg in weight in the next two months, her body fat was reduced by 3%. Finally, Kelly wore bikini on the beach in summer and showed off her figure with confidence!

the first step to lose weight is determination. The goal should be in line with the reality. At the same time, the way to choose is related to your consciousness. It is very important to strengthen the consciousness of healthy weight loss. If you only pay attention to weight and speed all the time, it is inevitable to start over and over again on the way to lose weight.

it’s one o’clock and we’re ready for lunch. Her lunch always contains protein, carbohydrates and green vegetables. Whether it’s Turkey and pepper with broccoli, or chicken with sweet potato, it’s a healthy meal, never eat fast food!

Kelly takes part in 5:30-6:30 training four nights a week and runs on Saturdays. Her training is based on HIIT.

when Kelly got home from the gym, it was already half past seven. The first thing Kelly did when she came into the house was to cook directly. Her husband usually has cleaned up the kitchen so that she can come back and cook dinner directly.

Kelly’s main meals for dinner are roasted sweet potato, roasted cabbage and stewed chicken, with different recipes added at least once a week. After the shower and before going to bed, Kelly drinks 1 / 2 teaspoon of pure natural almond oil. Kelly has a plan for her diet and exercise, which she follows every week. Kelly focuses on her goals every week instead of thinking about everything at once. She plans her diet every week, goes shopping every weekend, and prepares her food every Sunday. Kelly believes that the key to success in her healthy lifestyle is to plan ahead and be prepared!

Kelly found that the biggest difference after losing weight is that she is very helpful and more confident about her body. In the past year, Kelly has learned a lot about how to eat healthily and exercise properly. Kelly wants to pass on this knowledge, and she also wants to help others.

Kelly’s view on health and fitness is totally different from before. She is keen on teaching others how to eat and exercise properly, and often takes pictures of herself after losing weight.

this is Kelly, who goes her own way, believes in herself, never gives up, is willing to learn new things, is willing to help others, and likes to show her selfie every day. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging