Shenzhen: by 2025, it plans to increase nearly one million degrees, and the scale of public compulsory education will nearly double

Due to the implementation of the “comprehensive two child” policy and the rapid growth of population inflow, the supply of Shenzhen’s degree has attracted much attention in recent years. On December 3, Shenzhen held a conference on the reform and development of basic education and a press conference to interpret the recent issues.

Shenzhen’s basic education scale has expanded rapidly in recent years. Currently, the number of compulsory education and pre-school education students is second in the first tier cities, while non deep household students account for 59% of the compulsory education stage, accounting for 47% of the pre-school education stage. Shenzhen has the fastest growth rate of population inflow among the first tier cities. In recent years, the annual net inflow of population has reached 400000-500000, and the birth rate of permanent population has remained at a high level of 15 ‰. After in-depth investigation and calculation, it is clear that by 2025, 740000 public compulsory education degrees and 145000 kindergarten degrees will be added in the city. In addition to 97000 newly planned public high school degree, nearly one million basic education degrees will be built in Shenzhen by 2025. The number of newly added public compulsory education degrees is three times of the total number during the 13th Five Year Plan period. After completion, the total scale of public compulsory education will nearly double, which is expected to effectively alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of degree. < / P > < p > the goal will be implemented in two stages. In the first stage, 290000 public compulsory education degrees and 60000 kindergarten degrees will be added. In the second stage, 450000 public compulsory education degrees and 85000 kindergarten degrees were added. As the population planning and territorial spatial planning of the Shenzhen Shantou Special Cooperation Zone have not been determined, the above data do not include the Shenzhen Shantou Special Cooperation Zone. < / P > < p > stressed that Shenzhen will optimize the spatial layout of education, prepare a special plan for basic education facilities, study and improve the degree allocation standards, and improve the guarantee mechanism for supporting degree construction in residential areas. For the old residential areas and urban village areas where the original supporting school degree is insufficient, the local government should coordinate the new reconstruction and expansion of schools to meet the demand for admission nearby. < / P > < p > in order to promote the adaptation of future related residential projects and degree, the “three no’s” are proposed: for residential projects which can not meet the requirements of educational facilities layout determined by the regulatory detailed planning, the planning permission procedures shall not be handled; for the residential areas where the planned educational facilities land fails to meet the construction conditions, the construction land for residential projects shall not be provided; for the planned educational facilities in the area, the land for construction shall not be provided The residential projects in the built and delivered residential areas will not pass the joint acceptance. < p > < p > Shenzhen will also formulate a number of measures to accelerate the construction of primary and secondary schools, optimize the approval process for school construction, and open up a “green channel” to accelerate school construction. The education land that has been planned but not completed will be comprehensively sorted out and checked, and the implementation suggestions will be put forward. Especially for the education land which is poor in implementation and difficult in land preparation, and can not start construction within two years, it is necessary to replace the educational land nearby to ensure that the planned land can be built in time. Sun Ying and Xu Feng= target=_ blank>CUISINE&HEALTH