She’s 52 years old, standing with her son and considered a boyfriend, and her carbon water intake is the key to anti-aging

Nowadays, many weight loss bloggers and websites publicize that carbohydrate is sugar, which is not only bad for health, but also one of the main culprits of obesity. < / P > < p > many of our daily foods, such as staple foods and vegetables, are rich in carbohydrates. For example, cereal staple foods such as rice and noodles are rich in about 70-80% carbohydrates, beans are about 50-60%, and rhizome vegetables are about 16-24%. < / P > < p > if you feel sweet in your mouth within 14 seconds, it means that you carry more carbohydrate digestive enzyme genes, that is, you can eat about 20g more every day; < / P > < p > moreover, you follow the principle of “thick and thin combination”, that is, grains, a small amount of refined carbohydrates, and give up some deeply processed carbohydrate foods such as cakes and biscuits. < / P > < p > in the selection of food materials, Lin yeting basically makes his own Bento, so he basically buys his own food materials, and most of them are fresh and deeply processed food materials. < / P > < p > in addition, Lin yeting will choose mushrooms, seaweed, konjac, etc., which are rich in water and dietary fiber, in order to reduce calorie intake and improve satiety. < / P > < p > in addition, natural and fresh food can provide nutrients to the intestinal flora, improve the intestinal environment, promote the level of metabolism, and then comprehensively improve the internal environment. Finally, it makes the appearance look younger. < / P > < p > the following is a set of unarmed training movements, which are demonstrated by Pamela, a fitness coach and sports expert. You can train 3-4 times a week, a total of 9 movements, each 30 seconds. Next