Side cut and cesarean section should be “knife”, which is more painful? Which will affect the relationship between husband and wife?

Have you ever been used scissors in natural childbirth? The click scissors made many mothers feel frightened, but also poked in many mothers’ sad past. < / P > < p > natural childbirth is not intact, of course, some pregnant mothers can give birth without obvious wounds, which is naturally the happiest thing. But there are many maternal will face two kinds of wounds, one is episiotomy, the other is laceration. The key difference between the two kinds of injuries is that one is active wound, the other is passive wound. < / P > < p > and if the fetus is forced to be delivered without advance prediction, there will be a tearing wound. Generally, the wound of tearing lie is divided into four grades. The wounds of grade I and grade II are often superficial and there is not much bleeding. Generally, after suturing by doctors, most mothers heal well. If the wounds of grade III and grade IV are relatively serious, the healing time will naturally be prolonged. If the treatment is not timely, even in postpartum will appear incontinence and other embarrassment. < / P > < p > lateral episiotomy, when the fetal head is delivered, can have more space, so as to assist the smooth delivery of the fetal head, and prevent serious tearing wound, which is actually a “protective knife”. < / P > < p > reduce the risk of trauma to the baby, such as premature or macrosomia. That’s why we always emphasize weight control during pregnancy to avoid fetal macrosomia. < / P > < p > If forceps are used, episiotomy may also be performed. Pregnant women suffer from some pregnancy complications, including pregnancy induced hypertension, heart disease, pregnant mother and so on. Other factors: such as maternal in the process of production there are some accidents, including abnormal fetal heart rate, fetal distress, etc. 02 < / P > < p > in the past, cesarean section was popular for a period of time, and many pregnant women were afraid of pain, so they chose cesarean section, but now because of the existence of objective factors, they choose cesarean section. < / P > < p > “I gave birth naturally. I really fainted when I had contractions. Later, I got a pair of scissors temporarily, and there was no anesthetic when I sewed the needle. I felt more painful when I sewed the needle than when I had a caesarean section.” < / P > < p > ① spontaneous lateral section: from the first stage of labor, the labor pains will gradually aggravate, and will continue until the fetus is delivered. After the third stage of labor, the labor pains will slowly disappear after the placenta comes out. If episiotomy is performed, the pain is usually covered by labor pains during the process of episiotomy, but most of the puerpera feel the pain of needle by needle during the process of sewing. < / P > < p > first open the abdominal wall, then open the uterus, a total of 7 layers, but because of anesthesia, maternal generally no pain, but when anesthesia disappears, the wound pain will gradually increase. Cesarean section wound recovery time is longer, even if the performance of the wound seems to recover, in fact, the inner muscle layer is still in the process of recovery, so the duration of pain is n times of the cut side. < / P > < p > “will lateral incision affect future rooming?” “If the side cut is cut, will there be a scar in the future, which will affect the couple’s life?” Let’s take a look at the lateral incision. The process of lateral incision is anesthesia, then incision, and finally suture. < / P > < p > “we need to side cut you, do you agree?” In general, before the need for side cutting, the doctor will first seek the maternal advice, if the maternal consent will be put on anesthesia, coupled with the labor pain is more severe, at this time when the side cutting does not feel too painful. < / P > < p > about the healing of episiotomy. Generally, the side incision is about 3-5cm long, and the surgical suture does not need to be removed, because absorbable suture is usually used, which can be naturally absorbed by the epidermis of the puerpera after about half a month. < / P > < p > generally, after the lateral incision, the doctor will remind the mothers not to do large-scale exercise, pay attention to the cleanliness of the wound, and avoid the wound collapse. Most of the maternal wound will heal in about 4 weeks, YD will still maintain good elasticity, and will not leave obvious scars. Therefore, the side cut does not affect the couple’s life. On the contrary, appropriate lateral incision during delivery can timely avoid perineal tear, which means to some extent to protect the couple’s love life. If it’s a perineal tear, some people say that the wound will twist and form a scar, and there is a sense of foreign body in the couple’s life. < / P > < p > about caesarean section, many people think that without delivery through the birth canal, the life of natural couples will not be affected. In fact, the couple’s life after cesarean section mainly depends on the timing of cesarean section and whether they experience vaginal trial delivery. < / P > < p > if the caesarean section is scheduled in advance, it is carried out before the expansion of the birth canal, pelvis and YD. in this case, after the caesarean section, there is less relaxation, which does not affect the relationship between husband and wife. < / P > < p > if the cesarean section is carried out or the trial production is carried out ahead of time, the pelvis and YD of the puerpera will be compressed, forming expansion. Even after the cesarean section, relaxation will occur, which may affect the life of the husband and wife. < / P > < p > this article is the original content of the article, focusing on the field of parenting, deepening and improving silently, providing more professional parenting science. 08/16/2020