Since the transverse incision of caesarean section is more beautiful, why do doctors sometimes take vertical incision? Is it necessary

We all know that there are two ways of production, one is natural childbirth, this way of maternal and child impact is minimal, postpartum recovery speed is the fastest.

the other is cesarean section. The wound healing of cesarean section is slow, but it is the best way to save lives for some dangerous mothers, and it is also the best choice for many mothers with abnormal fetal position or other reasons leading to dystocia.

but what you may not know is that cesarean section should be subdivided into horizontal incision and vertical incision. And each hospital on the requirements of cesarean section are not the same, some only cross section cesarean section, some only vertical incision cesarean section, and some will be based on maternal choice to decide whether to use horizontal incision or vertical incision.

the so-called transverse incision is the incision under the umbilicus of the pregnant mother close to the pubis. In other words, the knife edge is operated along the transverse lines of abdominal muscles, with a total length of about 10-15 cm, across the whole lower abdomen.

what we need to pay attention to here is that the traditional vertical incision is not only used in the abdomen, but also in the internal uterus. But this kind of way is bigger to the uterus harm, in the next pregnancy, is likely to cause the risk of uterine rupture.

therefore, the vertical incision now refers to the vertical incision used to open the abdominal wall, while the transverse incision is still used for the opening of the uterine wall, that is, the external vertical and internal horizontal. This method is less harmful to the uterus and less threatening to the mothers during the second birth.

so, which of these two incision methods is better for puerpera? In fact, these two kinds of incisions have their own advantages and disadvantages.

the edge of the vertical incision starts from the navel and goes down for 10-15 cm. This scar will almost accompany the life of the pregnant mother. Especially for those pregnant mothers who love to wear navel suits, a scar that runs through the lower abdomen almost kills the possibility that they are wearing a navel dress.

and the transverse incision wound is close to the pubic bone. Even if the lower abdomen clothes are worn, the wound will not be exposed. Pregnant mothers can still wear the clothes they want to wear. Therefore, from the aesthetic point of view, the transverse incision is more advantageous than the vertical incision.
vertical incision is the best way to prepare for cesarean section.

although the horizontal and vertical incision is almost large, the knife edge is horizontal, which will block the doctor’s vision during operation, resulting in increased risk of cesarean section.

transverse incision from skin to tendon sheath and muscle is cross cutting, which will lead to direct transection of rectus abdominis. Among them, it is easy to hurt the subcutaneous veins and other nerves of the abdomen, resulting in postoperative abdominal numbness and discomfort.

Moreover, the use of transverse incision will make the abdominal wall knife edge closer to the uterine knife edge, which is easy to form pelvic adhesion and cause serious complications. Although the vertical incision has a large wound and severe pain, it is not easy to form complications.

because the transverse incision is cut along the muscle texture when choosing to separate the muscle, it will be easier to heal after the operation. And the tension of the transverse incision is smaller, the pain is lighter than the vertical incision, and the puerpera can get out of bed in a shorter time after rest.

the vertical incision wound tension is large, and the pain will be very severe after the operation. In many cases, the wound will heal poorly, bringing secondary pain to the puerpera. Moreover, the vertical incision can only be sutured with ordinary silk thread, and the lying in woman has to face the removal of suture. How to choose which kind of wound before delivery=“ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>Focus