Sister, your “acne” exposed you too many unknown secrets!

Hello everyone, I’m your skin care Butler Shilu. Since you’ve all ordered in, please pay attention to Shilu by the way! I heard that the people who pay attention to it will be more and more beautiful! < / P > < p > acne all over the face is the source of many little sister’s troubles. The uneven make-up can make you doubt your life every minute. And this can’t eat, that also can’t eat, every day is a grievance, but, after trying any method, acne is still like “wildfire can’t burn out” grass, always root it! In fact, many of your daily behaviors are actually supporting the growth of acne, and some of them can be regarded as the secrets of girls! Sister, according to this article, you can change it and praise it if you have nothing! < / P > < p > most of the acne problems are due to the poor cleaning of our faces. In fact, we can understand that the young ladies are so tired at work. When they go home at eight or nine o’clock in the evening, they clean up a little and brush their mobile phones. It’s almost 10 o’clock, and they want to fall asleep in an instant. Skin care and cleaning can be simplified and simplified. It is because of this skin care habits, will make our skin acne Oh! For example, the acne at the junction of hair and cheek is basically because the residue of facial cleanser is not cleaned! Maybe you think there’s no bubble on your face, but you can’t do it next time! < / P > < p > this is a point that many people ignore. During the struggle, most of us rent houses. There is no good ventilation condition and there is no time to bask in the sun. This will also cause mites to grow in our beds, and mites will enter the pores and cause the deterioration of acne. < / P > < p > today’s young people always have hot pot barbecues. Every day, they are either hot or hot. Spicy food is available every day, and they are sweating all the time. They always feel refreshing and crooked. There is such a saying that “eating spicy food for a while is good for a long time in crematorium”. Eating spicy food excessively will cause endocrine disorder in the body, and gastrointestinal problems will occur. Maybe there will be no symptoms in the short term, but your skin will not lie. Basically, you will have pimples on your face after several days of spicy meals. < p > < p > smoking and drinking has always been a problem, including many girls who occasionally smoke and drink. Shilu has no opinion about those girls who smoke and drink, and even feel a little handsome. However, from the heart, it may hurt your skin and your health more. After all, girls should be beautiful. But excessive tobacco and alcohol will affect the metabolism of your skin, accelerate skin aging, and it is the aggravating agent of acne. Every girl in this century has its own lofty ideals, and the pressure of work, life and economy is also what girls need to face. Girls often have too much pressure and can’t be relieved in time. If they are depressed in the heart, their endocrine will also be out of balance, and their skin will become darker and darker. Naturally, acne will grow wantonly. In serious cases, it will affect the normal law of physiological period. < / P > < p > this point must be paid attention to. Squeeze out a little time to play mobile phone and carry out comprehensive skin care will not take too much time. All skin care links can be completed in 20 minutes. The next morning I got up, and my skin was tender again. Shilu is here to give you a simple skin care steps. < / P > < p > the first step is to wash your face with facial cleanser. Apply proper amount to palm and add warm warm water, then foam in palm, then massage the face, chin and forehead from the bottom up, then rinse with water.

third step, essence and eye cream. Gently with the ring finger belly, the eye cream point in the skin of the lower eyelid, generally point more than ten times until absorption can be. Then apply the rest of the cream to the upper eyelid according to the eye lines. Apply some cream to face massage until absorbed.

the fourth step is to use lotion and cream. Apply the lotion and cream to your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead, from the corners of your mouth to your cheeks. < / P > < p > I almost forgot the cleaning here and the sanitary cleaning of the bed! Frequently change and wash pillow towel, bed sheet and quilt cover, the best use latex pillow, do not touch your face with your hands when you are free. < / P > < p > diet should choose light: diet should pay attention to balanced nutrition, eat more light, nutritious food. Stay away from junk food, eat less spicy, too greasy food. These foods are easy to cause constipation, lead to toxin accumulation and cause acne, endocrine disorders. In the free time, also can carry on the appropriate movement, discharges the body toxin, helps the body to accelerate the metabolism. < / P > < p > mood is an important part of determining the quality of skin. People in a good mood will glow and look good. But this is also the most difficult point. The pressure can’t disappear, but we can adjust ourselves properly and seek the help of friends and family when necessary. Maybe they will have a better way. The world is so beautiful, but you are so sad, which is not good! < p > < p > ladies and girls, the secret of your “acne” exposure is over! I hope the girls can realize the good intentions of picking up Lu. Go and compare your problems according to the article! After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so