Six black heart routines of wechat skin care products: loopholes and traps

When I see the figure below, I can’t say anything. I just want to say: it’s not easy to be a wechat business. In order to sell goods, you have to learn everything. But I guess those wechat businesses don’t know that they are going astray? < p > < p > normally, the moisture content of dermis comes from the daily diet of human body. If the human body is short of water, first of all, you will feel thirsty, the cuticle is short of water, and the skin will dry and peel. It’s impossible to reach the level of water shortage in the dermis. However, aging and relaxation are related to dermis. But the main reason is the damage of collagen fibers and the loss of collagen. Basically from adolescence, the human dermis no longer produces collagen, has been in the state of making ends meet, so the human body will gradually aging. There are many reasons for aging, such as skin inflammation caused by emotional stress and elastic fiber damage caused by ultraviolet stimulation, which can accelerate the loss of collagen. Therefore, we have always stressed the importance of sunscreen ~ < / P > < p > as for the reasons of large pores, including: dermal collagen fiber damage leads to reduced skin elasticity, which will lead to large pores. Excessive skin oil can also affect pore problems. But whether it is wrinkles or pores are not water can solve. In fact, it can be seen that the person who wrote these words should understand the skin structure. At least we should know that melanin is in the basal layer of the epidermis. But it also shows that the people who say this are not ignorant, but really bad. How to write how to sell goods. The root of the spot is melanin. As we have said before, melanin production is fundamentally caused by ultraviolet radiation or emotional stress, which stimulates tyrosinase activity and leads to melanin production. < / P > < p > through anti-oxidation, it can reduce tyrosinase stimulation, inhibit tyrosinase activity, reduce melanin production, intercept melanin transport to cuticle, accelerate melanin metabolism, and common whitening products on the market also work through these channels. Of course, moisturizing can also improve the dark complexion, but it’s still not rehydration ~ < / P > < p > as we said many times before, acne is mainly related to the sebum secreted by sebaceous glands and the degree of pore patency. If the skin oil is too much, and the pores are not smooth enough, the closed environment caused by the oil blocking in the hair follicle mouth causes a large number of Propionibacterium acnes to propagate and produce skin inflammation, resulting in acne. < / P > < p > mites can be found on all people’s faces, whether they have acne or not. Don’t forget that the surface of the skin is a microbial system, so don’t believe in all kinds of acaricidal apparatus and soap. The author may have confused the concept that in the skin structure, it is the spinous layer, not the granular layer, that blocks ultraviolet rays. The function of granular layer is to prevent water from penetrating into the body, and also to organize the water under the stratum corneum to penetrate into the stratum corneum. The basic reason of skin sensitivity is the decrease of skin defense ability to external stimuli caused by barrier damage. It’s really normal for UV to invade, not only the granular layer, but also the dermis. How do you get the spots in the basement? How does the aging problem of dermis come? That’s why we’ve been emphasizing sun protection. < p > < p > skin dryness does affect the activity of keratin metabolizing enzymes, leading to abnormal keratin metabolism. At the same time, dry skin will also affect the penetration and absorption of skin care products. But these are not cuticle lack of water at all, but the skin moisturizing ability is poor. < / P > < p > as we said before, the skin itself is not water deficient, even if the human body is short of water, it will not appear on the skin. The basic reason of dry skin is the lack of moisturizing ability. Therefore, the fundamental solution to the drying problem is to strengthen the moisturizing, not to replenish water. < / P > < p > if you follow the thinking of the other party, all the problems are caused by the lack of water in the skin, which can be solved by replenishing water. We also assume that the skin can be filled with water, so why do we have to test skin care products every day, and plunge into the swimming pool? The whole body does not sleep, from cuticle all dermis replenish water? < / P > < p > therefore, I have been telling you: away from wechat business, can’t so many big brand skin care products be chosen? Comrades, wake up! Don’t always buy with your eyes closed. Learn more about skin care to avoid thunder ~ < / P > < p > OK. The above is the content of today. I hope it can help you. I’m Miya. If you want to know more about reliable beauty, please feel free to pay attention to it= target=_ blank>Privacy Policy