Skin care sequence is wrong, no matter how good skin care products can only be in vain!

Autumn is coming. Recently, many fairies have sent private letters to Shilu saying that their skin is not suitable. All kinds of skin problems have come. Shilu also finds that everyone is talking about changing skin care products. But in fact, skin care in autumn and winter requires not only a new wave of products, but also the order of skin care. If the order of skin care is wrong, no matter what kind of skin care products can only be eaten at home, can we waste money like this? impossible. So Shilu must tell you the correct order of skin care today. Fairies, please take out your little books! Start recording! < / P > < p > skin care is generally divided into two parts, one is morning skin care, the other is night skin care. Morning skin care is to wake up your skin and make it better. Compared with the morning skin care, night skin care is more important, because night skin care is the repair of the skin that has been tired all day, and is the best time to maintain skin condition. The emphasis of the two skin care stages is different, so the key points of skin care are also different. < / P > < p > make up removal is a skin care work that must be done after work every day. Even if you only use sunscreen, skin cream or isolation cream, you must remove makeup. Because these substances will not be absorbed by the skin, it is only used as a skin protection barrier to protect the skin. After a day’s running, the face will absorb a lot of dust and bacteria, so it is necessary to remove makeup. People with sensitive skin can use special makeup removal products for sensitive muscles; people with dry skin are recommended to use makeup remover oil to moisturize skin; people with mixed skin can use fresh makeup remover. But everyone should use eye lip special makeup remover! < / P > < p > facial cleanser is the main product of facial cleansing. When there are more acne, sulfur soap can also be used to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation! But if it is not particularly serious, it is recommended to use conventional facial cleanser! Morning and evening cleansing is also different, because the skin condition in the morning is better, and it is not as dirty as we imagined. We can not use facial cleanser or use mild amino acid cleanser. After a day’s tiredness on the skin in the evening, you can choose to use a slightly stronger cleanser. When you wash your face, you can rub your hands on the top of your face now. Because the cleansing products do not break out of the bubbles when they are not foaming, the face will cause some damage to your skin. Remember not to bubble your face. < / P > < p > after washing the face, we can start our formal skin care steps, but we need to apply toner first. In fact, make-up water is the general name of toner, toner and other water. From the function can be divided into: replenish water, anti-inflammatory sedation, whitening, adjust the water oil balance, secondary cleaning, mainly water effect, specific differences, we can go to see the article before Lu to review it! But don’t expect to really have a good effect in the short term, after all, you use a few milliliters of toner a day, or insist on using to change the state of the skin. This skin care step must not be omitted! This is equivalent to make-up before the backing, or very necessary. < / P > < p > when using, it’s best to pat it on your face with a cotton pad until it’s absorbed. Although I know that everyone likes to pat toner directly on your face with your hands, your hands are not so clean after all!

has said many times about the mask, and the mask can’t be used everyday. Unless you really live in the same state as a star, high intensity, heavy makeup and strong light, you need to keep changing your makeup every day. If not, it is really unnecessary. Your skin can not absorb much nutrition. There is also the time to apply the mask. Please strictly follow the instructions and operate for 15-20 minutes. You must not apply the mask to sleep. < / P > < p > Why are these two mentioned together? Because these two are equally important, and they should be used after the age of 20. We can’t really ignore these two links. First of all, the essence is the only type of skin care that can really solve the skin problem, because the real skin problems occur in the dermis, and only the small molecules of the essence can enter the dermis. Let’s talk about eye cream. The eye is the first place to show a person’s aging state, so we must take care of it in advance.

these two can be selected for use. After skin care through the previous stage, our skin has been saturated with nutrition, and the task of face cream and lotion is to seal these nutrients inside the skin, so that it can absorb better, otherwise it will evaporate in air in minutes. < / P > < p > in a word, skin care sequence is really a step can not be less, besides, at most 15 minutes a day, give you a beautiful young face, who would not like it! That’s all for today’s skin care sharing. If you have any questions, you can leave a message or comment at the bottom of the comment area! If you see it, you will come back! Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging