skin Itch? It may be the “symptom” of these five diseases, and we should not let it go

Many people often feel inexplicable skin itching, always have this performance, uncertain reasons, timely examination is very important. Because there are many reasons leading to unexplained itching of the skin, the continuous development of some hidden diseases will make the skin continue to itch. It is necessary to understand which types of diseases will have such special manifestations. Through timely treatment and improvement, the skin will not be stimulated to maintain normal skin function. < / P > < p > if you find yourself with unexplained skin itching, you should know if you have diabetes. Diabetes as a chronic disease, in the process of rising blood sugar, skin will be stimulated, hyperglycemia will lead to weak skin resistance, skin is more vulnerable to infection, there may be skin changes. < / P > < p > in addition to the inexplicable pruritus of the skin, sometimes ulcers and wounds will appear on the skin of the feet. These special changes in the skin suggest that the disease is developing and measures should be taken to keep blood sugar stable. < / P > < p > if you find your skin itchy, you should check to see if there is urticaria. Urticaria is a stubborn skin disease. The causes of urticaria are various, such as mental factors, endocrine changes, dietary effects, and drug effects, which may lead to urticaria. In repeated cases, it will affect normal life. < / P > < p > the obvious characteristic is that the skin itches, and even the appearance of wind masses. To the treatment of urticaria, the condition is improved, the appearance of skin pruritus will be reduced. < / P > < p > in many people, frequent skin itching is associated with kidney lesions. Kidney disease attacks, the body’s important organs function is reduced, the ability to excrete toxins is reduced, may make the skin inexplicably itchy, but this itching performance and no substantial skin lesions, through the skin appearance changes are difficult to detect. If we can judge the related signal of kidney disease, hematuria, proteinuria or body edema, it is likely that kidney disease is caused. < / P > < p > the skin suddenly itches, which may be caused by allergy. Many people in the diet is not correct, or in the process of outdoor activities contact allergens, will lead to skin allergy, in the allergic part will have a rash, accompanied by obvious itching, this situation needs to be improved by way of keeping away from allergens. < / P > < p > in addition, you should be careful in the process of eating and drinking. You can go to the hospital for examination to find out the specific allergens. Avoiding contact with allergens is the key to improve the allergic phenomenon, otherwise the skin may suddenly become allergic and itchy. < / P > < p > the skin suddenly itches abnormally, most likely eczema. Eczema is a relatively common skin disease, in the process of the onset of local rash will appear, these red rash after growth will be accompanied by inexplicable itching phenomenon, many people can’t bear to scratch with their hands, there will be exudation after skin damage. < / P > < p > therefore, if you find yourself with unexplained skin itching, you need to see a doctor in time. If it is caused by eczema, you need to pay attention to skin care and have a healthy diet. In addition, through the way of local medication to actively alleviate eczema, in order to reduce the skin itching performance. 08/16/2020