Sleep often dribble, wet on the pillow dada, what is the reason in the end?

Saliva is a transparent, colorless, thin liquid secreted by salivary glands in the mouth. It has the function of dissolving food and lubricating oral mucosa, and lysozyme and amylase contained in saliva can play the role of sterilization and helping digestion. Generally in chewing food, or by some taste stimulation, there will be drooling.

but in real life, many people often drool when they sleep and wake up with a wet pillow. What’s the matter? Let’s learn about it.

there are many people who like to sleep on their stomach no matter when they are taking a nap or sleeping at night. If you sleep on your stomach, it will press the parotid gland on your cheek, which will make the acid secrete a lot of saliva. In addition, prone to sleep, there will be mouth breathing phenomenon, saliva will flow from the mouth. In addition, sleeping on one’s side can also cause drooling.

if you have some oral diseases, your oral cavity will be infected by bacteria, causing pain. Then, it’s easy to have involuntary drooling when you sleep. For example, the most common oral ulcer, because of the stimulation of pain in the mouth, will cause parotid gland to quickly secrete saliva, but can’t swallow saliva when sleeping, will cause a lot of saliva to flow out unconsciously.

in the case of a cold or rhinitis, there will be nasal congestion, leading to the patient can only breathe through the mouth. Once you sleep with your mouth open, saliva from your parotid glands will flow out. In addition, some obese and snoring people will also have drooling during sleep.

if you are over excited before going to bed, for example, children like to play and make noise before going to bed. So after sleeping, it will make the nerve disorder, the brain sends out the wrong signal, causing the parotid gland to continuously secrete saliva, which will cause drooling. If you take some drugs before going to bed, or use your brain too much, it will also lead to mental hyperactivity, which will cause a lot of drooling during sleep.

facial neuritis is a kind of facial paralysis caused by facial nerve injury, so it is also called facial paralysis. Many patients will suddenly have facial neuritis when they sleep at night, which will lead to the phenomenon of unconscious drooling when they sleep. In addition, patients with facial neuritis in daily life, there will be involuntary drooling, mouth skew or air leakage, unable to control their facial expression and other phenomena.

in addition, sometimes dreams can cause drooling during sleep. For example, if you are too hungry when you sleep, you will dream of some delicious food in your sleep, which will lead to involuntary drooling.

to sum up, the reason why the pillow is wet due to unconscious drooling during sleep is related to some diseases, such as oral ulcer or facial neuritis. In addition, the wrong sleeping posture or mouth breathing, as well as the mental excitement before going to bed and other factors will cause the phenomenon of unconscious drooling when sleeping.

if it only happens occasionally and there is no other discomfort, no special treatment is needed, just correct your bad living habits and sleeping posture. But if accompanied by other symptoms, you need to see a doctor immediately, find out the cause of the disease and then treat it quickly to avoid affecting your health. Focus