Snoring may also be a disease. Huami technology’s new product supports blood oxygen monitoring function, which was released on September 22

Some people snore when they sleep, and they are used to it. In fact, snoring is often closely related to poor sleep quality. Snoring is only an appearance, and there may be a greater crisis behind it. Maybe a lot of people don’t think much of not getting a good sleep once or twice, but the poor quality of sleep day after day will lead to lower immunity and more diseases. In addition, many people will be teased by their friends when they talk about sleeping and snoring. But in fact, behind snoring, is likely to be sleep apnea syndrome. < / P > < p > according to the introduction of Li Lei, doctor of genetics at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and famous big V of Zhihu, sleep apnea syndrome is a sleep disorder in which breathing stops during sleep. The narrowing of the respiratory tract due to obesity and other factors leads to poor breathing, leading to loud snoring, body twitching or arm shaking and other symptoms. Poor breathing during sleep will lead to a decrease in oxygen intake 。 This disease will cause deep-seated harm to the human body, such as inducing cardiovascular disease, increasing the risk of sudden death, brain damage, stroke and other problems. < / P > < p > if you want to find out your snoring problems as soon as possible, in addition to using the feedback from your family and roommates to understand your snoring symptoms, a more scientific and accurate way is to monitor the blood oxygen saturation. For ordinary people, the purchase of professional medical equipment may be impractical and inconvenient, and the use of wearable devices for monitoring blood oxygen saturation is undoubtedly the best solution. < / P > < p > on September 16, Apple released a new Apple watch at the press conference, and spent a lot of time to introduce the new blood oxygen measurement function. However, as we all know, the endurance level of Apple watch is only about one day, which is not suitable for monitoring blood oxygen saturation at night. And the blood oxygen measurement function may also face the same problems as the ECG function that has not been launched by the Bank of China. < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 > < 2 2. The new watch is equipped with blood oxygen detection function, and further combines oxygen engine oxygenbeats with sleep engine somnuscare. Oxygenbeats is the AI biological engine of blood oxygen data released by huami in June this year, and its detection accuracy is less than 1.67% compared with the average error of medical grade oxygen analyzer. Somnuscare is the AI biological engine of sleep data released by huami technology, and the algorithm is based on huami The huge accumulation of big data realizes the accurate recognition of sleep state. The detection accuracy of sleep data is more than 80%, and it can detect more than 25 minutes of nap data with nearly 100% accuracy. The new smart watch can pay attention to sleep health and detect the problem of sleep apnea syndrome as soon as possible. < / P > < p > the poor sleep quality, snoring and other problems that plague many people are closely related to blood oxygen saturation. If you are interested in huami amazfit GTR 2 and amazfit GTS 2 smart watches equipped with blood oxygen detection function, you might as well pay attention to the new product launch of amazfit 2020 in autumn on September 22, and maybe new highlights will be announced at that time. Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not