Soak your feet to go to the palace? Add a small tablet of paishizu Decoction to relieve pain when soaking feet

When it comes to “Gong Han”, female friends are very familiar with it, because many people often have cold hands and feet and dysmenorrhea. Most of the reasons for these situations are that they don’t realize the importance of keeping warm in daily life. As time goes on, the cold air accumulates more and more, forming palace cold. Especially now after entering the autumn and winter season, the symptoms of uterine cold are more serious, ranging from affecting one’s daily life and work to emotional repetition, difficult pregnancy or habitual abortion. < / P > < p > gynecological TCM said that the most important thing to prevent uterine cold is to keep the waist, abdomen, legs and feet warm, especially the waist and feet. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine suggests that women can soak their feet to expel the cold in the body, and then add some traditional Chinese medicine. If they persist for a long time, the effect will be better. However, traditional Chinese medicine usually needs to be boiled for a period of time before use, and the residue needs to be treated after use, which is very unfriendly to busy people. Recently, a small piece of Fang Pai Shi Zu soup from Japan set off a buying boom on Taobao, which was highly commented by many female friends. < / P > < p > it is understood that there is a big difference between the Japanese xiaopianfang Paishi foot soup and the common foot soaking products on the market. Xiaopianfang innovatively combines black technology sonic wall breaking technology and foot soaking ancient formula, and perfectly adds Japanese unique hot spring particles into foot soaking powder, so that it can better help human body dredge meridians and remove cold. In addition, this foot soaking product is not limited to a single product efficacy, a box of wormwood, cherry blossom, blood orange, ginseng and other four types, respectively, with the effect of expelling dampness and expelling cold, soothing the nerves and tonifying the yuan, nourishing blood and warming the palace, moistening and beautifying the skin. < / P > < p > according to the person in charge of the operation of xiaopianfang products in Japan, xiaopianfang paishizu soup was sold out in Japan’s famous drugstores because of its different styles and four powerful functions. In addition, the sale of xiaopianfang in China has not let people down. With the praise of xiaohongshu and Taobao, and the recommendation of stars such as Li Weijia and Huang Shengyi, xiaopianfang has become a must for Chinese young women to soak their feet. < / P > < p > gynecological traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes that women should adjust their body immediately after they are aware of the symptoms of uterine cold, because uterine cold has a great impact on women, and even has an impact on fertility if it is serious. Therefore, female friends must insist on soaking feet in hot water for a long time, and the addition of xiaopianfang paishizu decoction can better promote the blood circulation in women’s body, help to discharge the cold in the body, so as to make the uterus more warm, safe and healthy. In addition, the discharge of moisture and cold in the body can effectively accelerate fat burning, especially for friends who need to lose weight. 08/16/2020