Some foods make you young, others make you old. Are you stepping on thunder?

Most people will do anything to get that return rate, and they are willing to try anything new that will help them fight wrinkles and other signs of aging.

be not at all surprising that beauty industry is always a profitable industry. Manufacturers are making a lot of money, because they provide various kinds of anti-aging and beauty care products for many people who are interested. < / P > < p > but there’s nothing better than letting it go, at least when it comes to health and safety. Besides eliminating wrinkles, it also helps to keep young. < p > < p > blueberries can help eliminate harmful chemicals and free radicals, which can cause wrinkles. They are rich in vitamin C and are very useful for maintaining collagen, so they can firm and young skin. Papaya is rich in antioxidant nutrients, including carotene, vitamin C and flavonoids, vitamin B, folic acid and pantothenic acid, as well as mineral potassium, copper, magnesium and cellulose. < p > < p > the vitamin C in papaya has a certain effect on beauty, because vitamin C can whiten and anti-aging. Papaya contains a substance called papain, which can promote skin metabolism and make skin appear brighter and fresher. Another benefit of banana to keep skin healthy is that it can slow down the aging process of skin. Banana is rich in some nutrients, which can help delay the aging process and help fight against wrinkles, and wrinkles are the signs of aging. < p > < p > bananas help you fall asleep. If you eat a banana a few hours before you go to bed, you can easily get beauty sleep because bananas can help your skin repair damaged and dead skin cells while you sleep. The flesh of avocado contains 63% oleic acid. When you eat avocado regularly, the sebaceous glands secrete an oily semi liquid natural sebum, which can keep the skin hydrated and help the muscles and joints stay agile. On the other hand, some other chemicals in avocado oil stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, which are proteins that maintain the structure and elasticity of the skin. < p > < p > in addition, avocado contains vitamin C and E, which can also protect the skin from UV damage, vitamin C can resist UVA damage, and vitamin E can resist changing UVB radiation. After age, the production speed of collagen slows down, and elastin, which keeps skin tight, begins to decompose, leading to the formation of fine lines. It’s impossible to stop the aging process, but by reducing sugar you can keep your complexion young in old age, because sugar is a substance that accelerates wrinkles and skin relaxation. < / P > < p > don’t think you are innocent. Many sources of sweet substances are hidden in less obvious places, such as seasoned yogurt. If you’re not careful, flavored yogurt can contain as much sugar as a bowl of ice cream. < / P > < p > most sweets contain more than a day’s worth of sugar, and a sugary diet can lead to a range of health problems, including insulin resistance. Those who consume 17% to 21% of the calories a day from added sugar have a 38% higher risk of dying from heart disease than those who consume 8% or less calories from added sugar. Throw away the food in order to keep it healthy. < / P > < p > when it comes to bread, steamed bread and even noodles, they are refined carbohydrates. The body converts refined carbohydrates into sugars, and then glucose, a nutrient that destroys collagen and other anti wrinkle proteins. To lose weight and maintain a younger face, eat less of them. < / P > < p > if you always choose canned food instead of fresh fruit. Syrup and artificial seasoning added to canned fruit will only increase your waistline and wrinkles, something you don’t want to do now, because it will make it harder to lose weight and keep your skin young. < p > < p > sodium is a known high blood pressure mineral, and it is generally recommended that you take less than 2300 mg of sodium a day, but many popular canned foods contain 40% of the recommended daily salt intake in one serving, and that’s not the only reason why you should stay away from them. Many soup cans contain BPA, a chemical associated with cancer, infertility and weight gain Study matter. < p > < p > barbecue is a quick way to cook food, but cooking beef, mutton or other proteins over an open fire at such high temperatures can produce heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, harmful chemicals that have been found to alter DNA and increase the risk of cancer. < / P > < p > coffee cream crystals usually still contain trans fats, which are usually hidden under its little-known name hydrogenated oil, which can cause inflammation, which can exacerbate aging. < / P > < p > as you get older, changes in your body will make it more difficult for you to stay healthy, so you should pay special attention to protect your body, and don’t neglect the maintenance of your body just because you are still young. CUISINE&HEALTH