Some people say that turtles and mosquitoes are a pair of “enemies”, the two mutually reinforcing, is there any scientific reason?

Some old people say that turtle and mosquito are a pair of “enemies”. Because turtle’s neck can’t be completely retracted into its back shell like a tortoise, if the head is bitten by a mosquito, the bitten part will swell or fester, which may lead to breathing difficulties or bacterial infection and death. On the other hand, if the turtle shell is ground into powder and ignited, the smoke formed can play a good role in mosquito repellent and anti mosquito effect. So, is there any scientific reason for this? First of all, let’s take a look at the living habits of turtle. Turtle, commonly known as soft shelled turtle, is an oviparous amphibian belonging to the genus soft shelled turtle of Reptilia turtle order soft shelled turtle family. It likes to live in a quiet, sunny and clean river. When the surrounding environment is very safe and sunny, it will climb up the river bank to “bask in the sun”. The head of the turtle is similar to that of the tortoise, but the dorsal shell is quite different. The main difference is that the dorsal shell of the turtle is soft and smooth, and there are no obvious stripes. The head and tail of the turtle can not be completely retracted into the dorsal shell. In addition, the temperament of the turtle is more fierce than that of the tortoise. Turtle is a kind of omnivorous animal, but its main food source is small carnivorous aquatic animals and insects, such as small fish, shrimp, snails, tadpoles and some animal carcasses. < / P > < p > as we all know, the mosquito bites animals and sucks blood mainly depends on the sensitive temperature sensing system inside the mosquito’s body. Due to the constant body temperature of mammals, when the body surface is exposed to the external environment, it will exchange heat with the surrounding air. This exchange process can be detected by the mosquito’s temperature sensing system, and then the target can be locked 。 In addition, it also has a strong “detection ability” for the carbon dioxide released by the breathing process of mammals and the lactic acid secreted by muscle movement. Therefore, when we are directly exposed to the air on a large area of the body surface, after strenuous exercise, and the body is not clean enough, we are easily bitten by mosquitoes. < / P > < p > turtle is different from mammal. They are variable temperature animals. The temperature of the body surface will change with the change of the surrounding environment temperature. That is to say, the temperature of turtle is basically the same as that of the surrounding environment. In this way, the temperature sensing system of mosquito can not play a role in turtle. At the same time, turtle is usually quiet, and the amount of exercise is small, so it is new The metabolic rate is much lower than that of mammals, so the concentration of carbon dioxide exhaled is not high, and the body surface basically does not secrete lactic acid substances, so it is very difficult for mosquitoes to bite soft shelled turtle. In addition, it contains all kinds of insects, and it’s one of the recipes that people like to hide before they have time to catch mosquitoes. < / P > < p > after the mosquito bites the target animal, it will release certain saliva and antithrombin substances in the process of biting, which are conducive to the smooth blood sucking of their mouthparts. After these substances are injected into the animal body, rejection reaction will occur under the action of the immune system, which directly causes the allergy of the bitten part, local itching and redness It’s swollen. If the turtle is accidentally bitten by a mosquito, it will also cause slight redness, swelling and allergy, and the turtle will not take the initiative to scratch. Therefore, there will be no serious redness, swelling, blocking the nostrils and ulceration on the bitten part. Now let’s take a look at the actual situation of turtle shell mosquito repellent. For example, disc mosquito repellent incense and some plant leaves will release certain insecticidal substances into the air during combustion, such as carbamates, pyrethroids and organophosphorus. Among these substances, organophosphorus has strong toxicity and is the main component of pesticides. However, the content of mosquito repellent incense is very low, which has good killing effect on mosquitoes and little impact on human health. < / P > < p > the main components of turtle shell are similar to other mammalian bones. They are mainly bone collagen, protein, lipids, calcium, phosphorus, peptides and a variety of enzymes. In the process of combustion, carbamate, pyrethroid and organophosphorus smoke will not be produced. Therefore, the effect of burning turtle shell is the same as burning paper and most plant stems and leaves, Instead of producing substances that are obviously toxic to mosquitoes, the smoke, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, etc., which are composed of fine particles released during the combustion process, reduce the oxygen concentration in the area where mosquitoes pass. Mosquitoes are “choked away” or suffocated to death by smoke, and other substances can also achieve this effect. CUISINE&HEALTH