Sorry to tell you: sleep if there are four signs, may be elevated blood sugar, pay close attention to conditioning

For high blood sugar, I think you are no stranger. There are more and more people with diabetes in their lives, according to 19 years of data. There are more than 90 million diabetics in China, which is equivalent to 6 out of 10 diabetics around us. High blood sugar is a sign of diabetes. So when we find high blood sugar, we should pay close attention to conditioning. There are often some small details in our daily life that can reflect our abnormal blood glucose. Now the doctor will talk with you about which signs indicate that your blood sugar may be elevated when you go to bed.

diabetes is the increase of blood sugar in our body, which has not been repeatedly absorbed and utilized. We don’t have enough nutrients and energy. So when we have a meal and go to bed at night, we will still wake up and feel hungry. At the same time, they will feel weak and weak. In this case, we need to consider whether the blood sugar is abnormal. Doctors suggest that we often have this situation, it is best to check the blood sugar level in time. So as not to delay the best treatment period.

when the blood sugar in our body is abnormal, it will lead to the abnormal absorption of nutrients by our kidneys, and eventually increase the amount of urination. Some people with abnormal blood glucose can even reach more than 20 times at night, so polyuria before going to bed is also one of the typical signs. When we have a normal diet before going to bed and do not drink a lot of water, we often go to the toilet when we sleep. We’re going to pay attention. Don’t think that frequent urination is a kidney disease, which is also one of the early signs of diabetes. Go to the hospital to check your blood sugar as soon as possible.

the rise of human blood glucose will cause the rise of glucose under our skin. At the same time, because these sugars can not be fully metabolized, it will lead to skin itching. During the day may feel nothing, but at night, symptoms worsen, you will feel itchy unbearable. Although hyperglycemia is not the only cause of pruritus. But doctors suggest that you don’t ignore the cause of blood sugar, it’s best to check blood sugar after this happens.

generally speaking, the consumption of blood sugar in normal people will decrease during sleep. When your blood sugar is too high, the blood circulation will slow down. At this time, you can’t replenish nutrients in time, which will lead to excessive consumption of blood sugar and cause some symptoms of hypoglycemia, such as sweating and panic. So when we go to sleep when there are signs of panic, it is likely to be the performance of hypoglycemia.

blood glucose control mainly lies in our daily habits. Here, doctors suggest that we do four things well in life to reduce our blood glucose.

study found that the incidence rate of diabetes and hyperglycemia was significantly reduced among people who ate more vegetables and fruits every day. At the same time, vegetables and fruits are also rich in antioxidants, which can resist aging, increase blood circulation and promote metabolism. And ultimately lower our blood sugar.

exercise for half an hour every day can effectively reduce blood circulation and improve the utilization level of insulin. Let’s make our body healthier and reduce the risk of diabetes.

people aged 30 to 45 have high blood sugar or diabetes, which is often caused by stress in life. Family, career long-term pressure on the spirit. And some bad habits such as staying up late and smoking. Can cause the body to secrete the unusual, causes the blood sugar to rise. So doctors suggest that decompression is also very important in daily life.

the doctor told us that serious diseases are often caused by minor diseases that are not noticed in our life. So when you get older, you should have a regular physical examination. Only in this way can we find and treat early. 08/16/2020