Soul torture: what can riders get from the 8-minute flexible time of meituan takeout?

Some time ago, there was an article about takeout riders. It was mentioned in the article that: the takeaway riders are very tired every day, even if they violate the traffic regulations and race with the God of death. One stone arouses thousands of waves, and the hot articles are quickly responded by two takeout platforms. < p > < p > meituan’s response was a little bit slow, but it also admitted that it was not good enough. In particular, it mentioned one measure, that is, to allow eight minutes of flexible time for riders. < / P > < p > in fact, whether this flexible time has any effect, which rider dares to use the 8 minutes and how to use it are all problems. The bigger problem lies in the following points: < / P > < p > why people order takeout is mainly because it is convenient and fast. You don’t have to go shopping, choose, wash and stir fry dishes, and finally wash them As long as you order a few mobile phones, less than half an hour, the food will be hot home, finished with garbage sorting, the whole process is over. It can be said that takeout has changed some people’s living habits, or adapted to some people’s living habits, turning what may take two hours into a thing that only takes tens of seconds. There is a premise here, that is, the delivery speed must be fast, and speed is the survival foundation of the takeout platform. No matter how delicious the business’s dishes are, the customers are in a hurry after ordering and sending them for 3 hours. One is that after the packaging, extrusion and long-term heat sealing of takeout boxes, the taste of dishes will change greatly, such as noodles, dumplings in sour soup, steamed bun, etc. < / P > < p > < p > 30 minutes or 38 minutes, including all the time in the process, including the time for businesses to serve meals, the time for riders to pick up orders and take meals, the time on the road, the time to enter the community, and the time to wait for the elevator to climb the stairs. That is to say, when the rider puts on his riding clothes, he will know what kind of occupation he is doing, that is, one and time The race profession, when the soup is still hot and the noodles are not lump, deliver the meal to the customers as soon as possible, and don’t mention the rest. < / P > < p > blindly pursuing grace time is further squeezing the living space of the outbound platform. When the delivery platform loses its speed, who will spend an hour waiting for a cold meal?

riders, concerned about every rule change that is related to their own interests, while sending Tucao on the side, they constantly make complaints about the platform. People who take the main food source as food take care of the adjustment of platform rules. They worry that the 8 minutes will affect the final delivery time. Will they be extended later? The pure spectators who don’t order takeout often criticize making white garbage, and yellow and blue takeout boys who run around the street and violate rules and regulations. They are not used to the whole takeout ecosystem. They think that the platform is black, the riders are incompetent, and the merchants are lazy in ordering takeout. < / P > < p > basically, they can be summarized into three groups. They never transform into each other, but in order to evaluate these 8 minutes, we still have to listen to the riders. Xiao Wang, the rider, said: it was eight minutes ago, and there was nothing new. The front desk of consumers who order food can see the 28 minute delivery commitment time, while the riders have 36 minute delivery time. That is to say, for a long time, all the pressure has been on the rider. As long as the overtime is exceeded, it must be the rider’s reason, and the deduction is not discussed. < p > < p > rider Xiao Li also said: compared with the eight minutes, I would like to increase the time limit for the merchants to prepare meals. You can’t promise that the customers can deliver in half an hour, and the back-end does not care about the time of the merchants. In the end, the delivery time for riders is only 8 minutes. In some cases, even if the eight minutes are not enough, it can’t make a single day’s work in vain. HEALTHY LIFE