South Korea’s “first fitness Spice Girl” ulael, adhere to the exercise clock, graceful posture, all by self-discipline!

With the upsurge of fitness and body beauty, there are more and more boys and girls with good figure, especially many girls with less superior congenital conditions. Their desire for beauty is more urgent, so they are more conscientious and self disciplined in fitness. < / P > < p > the Korean girl we are going to talk about today is also a fitness maniac. She has a sweet appearance like her first love, and at the same time, she has a graceful posture with concave and convex. Many people call her “the first fitness Spice Girl” in Korea. What’s her image? Let’s have a look. < / P > < p > a Korean spice girl named ulael, born in 1996, loves all kinds of new things. Fitness is her daily hobby. In addition, she also likes all kinds of challenging sports, such as bungee jumping, sprinting, racing and so on. She likes the feeling of bathing in the breeze when racing. Controlling the direction of the car is as challenging as controlling her own life. < / P > < p > what she likes to do most is to control her body, so the first step is to improve her core strength, flexibility and balance. Ulael spends most of her spare time in the gym, whether it’s aerobic exercise to reduce fat or anaerobic exercise to shape, she can do it with ease, and a good figure curve makes her comfortable no matter what clothes she matches Especially good-looking, sports tights with pure ponytail, people can not help but think of the feeling of first love. < / P > < p > no matter how busy life and work are, ulasl has never relaxed the management of the body. No matter how tense the time is, ulasl will take time to exercise and clock in. I think this is worth learning for each of us. Whether it is a big star or an ordinary person, the body is the foundation of life. It is very necessary and also not necessary to sacrifice some time for our own health It’s always worth it! < / P > < p > without saying much, let’s talk about the fitness actions of home exercise today, so that you can keep fit anytime and anywhere in your spare time. Let’s quickly follow the actions below. < / P > < p > 1. Slowly move the center of gravity forward, take back your legs, restore the four legged kneeling support, adjust your breathing, wind your left leg from the back and the front leg, move the center back, and land your hips. Enter the cattle face leg adjustment, with the right leg on the top, the left leg on the bottom, and the instep on both sides of the hip. < / P > < p > 2. After the adjustment, keep the abdomen closed and the shoulder sunk, lengthen the right arm, draw a big circle from the bottom up, bend the arm behind, put the arm on the whole shoulder blade, open the space of the whole shoulder, lift the left arm up when breathing in, bend the arm to let the hands pull each other behind, if the hands can’t pull each other. < / P > < p > 3. You can pull a stretch band, scarf or even clothes to make the upper elbow up, the outer edge of the upper arm retract, lean towards your face, the lower elbow down, and push the front edge of the right shoulder joint to the back. Finally, the two groups breathe to keep the upper and lower elbows pulling each other, expand your chest, and make breathing more smooth, exhale slowly and drop your hands. < / P > < p > 1. Bend your left hand on the back of your head, keep your chin aligned with the clavicle, fight your palm against your head, keep your whole head parallel and up, and gently move your head down and forward. < / P > < p > 2. Keep the body twisting the abdomen, feel the muscle twisting of the side waist, back and abdomen, keep 2-3 groups breathing evenly, and finally return to the quadruped kneeling position. Focus