Spleen and stomach weak, pay attention to eat less “2 things”, drink more “1 water”, spleen and stomach slowly strong

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people begin to pay attention to their health, and some people with weak spleen and stomach will also pay more attention. In China, due to the climate and eating habits, there are many people with weak spleen and stomach. Once the spleen and stomach are weak, there will be some problems one after another. Therefore, for the spleen and stomach People with weak stomach must pay attention to regulating their spleen and stomach in life. < / P > < p > all say that people who can eat like duck. Now many friends like roast duck or salted duck, sauced salted duck and other delicacies on the market, and the nutritional value of duck is very high. However, it should be noted that duck is a cold food. If you eat too much or often, it will lead to digestive system problems, and the function of spleen and stomach will be weakened. < / P > < p > snail in life, many people call it “screw”, is a very good dish of wine, and snail meat is also very nutritious, but most of the snail meat on the market has not been professionally disinfected, many of the parasites have not been cleaned up, for people with poor spleen and stomach, eating snail will seriously damage the spleen and stomach mucosa, resulting in spleen and stomach weakness . < / P > < p > and snail belongs to cold food, often eat will lead to increased moisture in the body, excessive moisture accumulation in the body, also can cause other diseases. < / P > < p > in ancient Chinese medicine, it has been recorded that adzuki bean and coix seed are good ingredients for regulating spleen and stomach weakness. With some common ingredients for eliminating dampness and strengthening spleen, such as Euryale ferox seed, barley, orange peel, medlar, red dates, red beans, licorice, they can promote the detoxification of spleen and stomach, remove dampness in the body, and strengthen spleen and stomach. < / P > < p > adzuki bean and coix seed are known as “spleen strengthening experts”, which can regulate the flora of spleen and stomach, promote the metabolism of moisture, and help to repair damaged cells. < / P > < p > when the weather is hot, many people like to eat some cold drinks or cold dishes in the refrigerator. These foods are very refreshing to eat, but it is not the spleen and stomach that cause great stimulation. After the cold food enters the body, it will lead to the weakness of the spleen and stomach, resulting in the problem of spleen deficiency. < / P > < p > sedentary is a common disease of people now, whether they are office workers or freelancers, they are habitually sedentary, sedentary will lead to slow blood circulation in the body, and will lead to slow digestion speed of the spleen and stomach, resulting in the decline of spleen and stomach function and abnormal. PARRENT&CHILDREN