Spleen deficiency, people waste half? The gastroenterologist tells you the true function of the spleen

1、 After spleen deficiency, the body will not be able to fully digest and absorb food, and it is easy to store some garbage toxins in the body, which eventually leads to the breeding of many chronic diseases, such as hyperlipidemia, gastritis and so on. 2、 The spleen and stomach is the source of our Qi and blood. When your qi and blood are not smooth, it will make people yellow and thin, pale and weak in the long run. 3、 For women, it is easy to have irregular menstruation and other gynecological diseases. The spleen has a certain ability of “regulating blood”. When the spleen is weak, its ability of regulating blood decreases, resulting in endless menstruation and sudden increase of menstruation. It is precisely because the spleen is the source of our body power, when the source of a problem, people will be good? So how important is the conditioning of the spleen.

in TCM theory, the spleen is the source of our life power, and the essence of our daily life is absorbed into the viscera of the whole body. 2、 What does the spleen control blood mean? That is to say, temper has the function of controlling and controlling blood, making blood run normally in meridians without spillover. 3、 Spleen qi dominates the rise. Here we focus on its function of lifting viscera. The rise of Spleen Qi can help us maintain the position of viscera. Therefore, the rise of Spleen Qi is an important guarantee to prevent visceral sagging. Four, the spleen in the body and meat, refers to the ability of the spleen to transport and have strong relations with our muscle strength. We believe that the essence of the water transported by the spleen will transport to the human limbs and maintain normal physiological activities. Therefore, there is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine that “if the spleen is deficient, half of the people will be wasted”.

in the theory of Western medicine, there is no theory of spleen deficiency, and spleen and spleen in traditional Chinese medicine are not the same concept. The spleen is the largest immune organ, located in the upper left of our abdominal cavity, only the size of a palm. At the same time, it is the blood bank of our body, which stores blood when we are resting or quiet. When we exercise or get hurt and bleed, it will send blood to the circulation, increasing the blood volume of our body. In addition to the role of blood storage, it also has a certain hematopoietic function. At the same time, it can help us filter and remove toxic substances, bacteria and some dead cells in the blood, which is equivalent to an important filter in the human body. And it can assist the liver to maintain the normal metabolism of human body. As the spleen itself is a lymphatic system, it can produce immune proteins, lymphocytes and phagocytes, which also play an immune role in the human body. When bacteria or other viruses appear in our blood, the spleen will arrange phagocytes and lymphocytes to phagocytize and destroy them.

in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, the spleen is highly valued. However, there is no saying in western medicine that “if the spleen is deficient, half of the people will be wasted”. Through the understanding of the above article, I also want to tell you that no matter what kind of function it has, I hope you can cherish your body. At the same time, we can get rid of bad habits in eating habits and daily life. In the face of disease, to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, relaxed and happy mood, do not have negative and pessimistic emotions, this is not only not conducive to the recovery of the disease, but also easy to aggravate the disease. 08/16/2020