Start not to lose series, “good quality and cheap” water emulsion repair skin barrier, must be arranged

As a delicate pig girl, the concept of skin care has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. If you don’t smear it in front of the mirror every day, you don’t wipe any skin care products, just like you go out without clothes.

I personally think that only skin care products that are suitable for you are the best. Many products, although the price is not high, but the effect and sense of use are not lost at all. Today, Ximei brings you some skin care products with good quality and low price. Please pick your one.

this is a cosmetic lotion that I used when I was in University. At that time, the climate was very dry in the north. In winter, the skin was dry to the nose. With the recommendation of others, I bought this Jiyan extremely moisturizing lotion. After using it for almost a week, the skin did not feel dry, so the moisturizing effect was super strong.

later, I saw the recommendation of skin care bloggers. This is really a treasure trove. The price is not enough, and it does not contain alcohol and essence. These moisturizing ingredients include hyaluronic acid and other five kinds of moisturizing ingredients.

this kind of water has high viscosity, so it is recommended for dry skin. It can be absorbed with less dosage. As for neutral skin and mixed skin, it’s OK to use it in autumn and winter. In summer, the water itself is thick and sticky.

big grape water is often planted by various bloggers and wanghong. As a French cosmetic brand, it’s cheap and big bowl. You can use it as you want, and wet compress doesn’t hurt you.

this water does not contain alcohol and preservatives. It has a strong moisturizing effect. It is rich in red wine yeast. It can clean the skin and remove the residual makeup on the face. After washing the face, use cotton pad stained with grape water to smear on the face, which can clean the skin twice.

when the skin condition is not very good and there is water shortage, you can also use make-up water to wet the cotton pad, and then stick it on the dry part for wet compress, which has the effect of tonifying and relieving. After that, follow-up maintenance is carried out to promote the absorption of skin care products.

this is a make-up water that can be used for all skin types. Its texture is fresh and not greasy, and it is very comfortable to use. Press design bottle mouth, convenient and sanitary without waste.

if there are shortcomings, Xiaobian thinks that the taste is like the rotten taste of grapes, but it does not affect the use. Who makes it so easy to use!

Zhiben, a domestic brand, has never been heard of before being pasted by bloggers to plant grass. Xiaobian’s allergy to skin allergy is especially serious. Many methods are useless. What is beauty mask, big brand skin care products, and go to beauty shop for nursing, but cheeks are still itchy and red.

accidentally read the paste running Ben’s article. For allergic skin, it is necessary to first repair the skin barrier. Otherwise, it is useless to use good skin care products. He recommended this to the special maintenance emulsion and the essence of the same series. I immediately put it on the flagship store for about a week. The phenomenon of skin lifting was gone. After half a month of persistence, the symptoms of allergy disappeared completely. So far, we are not afraid of changing seasons.

this emulsion has exclusive active ingredients and new artificial barrier technology. It can instantly relieve all kinds of skin problems, improve the symptoms of skin inflammation, and help restore the healthy state of fragile skin.

this is also a product that can be used for all skin types. The translucent gel texture is not greasy and easy to absorb. It has a light fragrance. The price is also quite beautiful, but the effect and sense of use are far ahead of the same price of skin care products.

in fact, many skin problems are caused by barrier damage. Therefore, when skin problems such as smallpox and allergy occur, do not think about removing these things first, use a lot of facial mask and high concentration essence. Instead, you should streamline skin care procedures, first maintain good skin, let the skin return to the state of health, and then perform effective nursing. Will let the skin better absorption, to achieve the effect you want. HEALTHY LIFE